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guys, we did it.
After 10 years, I am finally taken.
This is the life's video.
No, I'm not quitting media as much as he wanted, but this is my final video.
And of course it's the why leave your entries in the brandy grows.
So why I can't believe this is so strange.
Ah, I'm savoring every moment.
Truth is, I don't want to go on break.
Truth is, I love making videos.
I just feel like I need to do this.
I need to do this.
So one life's little wine.
This is my favorite kind of videos because it's the videos where I get to interact with you guys, and it's not completely annoying.
I watch my dog chases tail for 10 minutes and thought, Wow, Dogs air so easily entertained.
Then I realized I just watched my dog chases tail for 10 minutes.
That's a very small brain and a very small BP.
Oh God, this is the last time I'll ever judge your BB.
This one is for debate.
This one is for ideas.
This one is for opinions on this one.
It's a fact, and that's a fact.
Big people, absolutely.
When all people want is a low brightness mean?
That doesn't hurt your eyes.
Big p p.
This is a blessed peopie.
You know what?
Since I'm leaving, I'm gonna change it.
Everything is big.
Peopie today Today's big peopie day Finland who plans 150 million trees a year.
Team trees planting 20 million treats.
Shut up, Finland.
No one cares.
Still big beefy, though.
Still big BP.
I'll drink to some big B P virus.
Your computer, you free anti virus software job or big beefy friend giving me big BP friend.
Hey, you're mean was in LA Y me?
Yeah, but he didn't give me a P p rating.
Oh my God!
I am so sorry, friend.
Why is that important?
It defines who I am.
You get a big P p.
You get a big beefy You all get big paper today.
Special A very days.
I've been working on purifying action game for almost a year.
All right, Big p p.
I did playing very big creepy me murders an entire village and set everything on fire Minecraft.
I understand because I am Minecraft veteran.
Would you all still eat this?
My name was Chloe.
I wanted to live.
Your personal choice killed me.
Don't buy it.
Don't buy it.
Don't try it, Anakin.
I would look for one with my name on it.
Like I don't want a big people, but I have to go.
Oh, God!
Oh, War!
Peut change.
La y two people review his subreddit dick pic feuds.
That's literally my face of that happened to my God.
You guys know me too well.
It's like we need a break or something.
It's all it's getting creepy.
Made this before I get drafted.
Hope this gets me in peopie gang.
Oh, hell, yeah.
You gonna do with Pootie Pie way?
Food of waves.
Okay, that's happy.
And I want it.
Damn it!
Good focus.
Come on, You can do it.
You can focus the camera now.
We can, All right.
I actually wanted to give that small people just for the blur, but it's big BP day.
Your friendly neighbor Iranian gamer.
I just want to foods and everyone knew sub to know that there's a lot of Iranian 19 year olds and we don't want to go with the war with fellow sincerely on Iranian 90 or literally.
We just need to, like, pee, pee it out.
You know what I mean?
You could just do a real life fortnight.
Event doesn't stand.
That's all you need.
If you actually think World War Three just still gonna happen at this point, I got news for you, you fucking retard.
I can say the R word because I'm going on break.
This feels great.
What else can I say?
Pray for Australian big people.
Have you seen those videos work, Wallace?
Or so thirsty?
I feel so terrible.
Go Donate.
You know, I made a generous donation streaming while sick and donating $10 to act Australia to Africa and Australia every time I cough.
Big, creepy all around.
Well done, lad.
Well done.
Women have to deal with cramps.
But what do men have to deal with?
You just got own ethically big, big people develop of you to everyone.
I feel such great sense of euphoria.
I feel so good since Pubes doesn't play Minecraft as much anymore.
Issued, uploaded, say file and holds the competition where we get to edit it and then review some of the after a couple weeks, just like good old.
These would look.
That's perfect, cause I'm going away anyway.
I'll pass on the torch to you guys.
You guys take over, bro.
It's the only way.
The only way they passed on the torch.
I've been doing this for too long.
Why is this episode so Slab?
I've been doing it daily for so long.
What am I gonna do?
I got it.
I don't work ahead either.
So even if it seems like I'm away, I'm never really away.
You know what I mean?
I'm always there.
Google Don't suicide yourself, guys.
You'll die being dying.
It's battle.
But it leaves.
He makes things.
Marina's losing weight actually said that What?
The context was behind that feelings.
So I'm trying to make it harder for myself.
I think what I meant to say was, war is bad in all I think war is Don't listen to bang.
Don't listen.
The bing you can tell my age is AIDS.
Catching up with me guys dying makes life really interesting.
If you would live forever, where's the motivation to do anything?
Learning instruments.
You could do that in 506 100 years or so continuing to do nothing.
Instead, you have only a few decades time to do the things you want before you die and make the matter this time.
The batter answer.
Well, hot diggity Damn, that's some big P P brane right there.
Big creepy brain.
Yeah, it's a thing how we see peut pie, How pretty pie sees us.
I do have a camera.
I don't have a webcam.
I know that's a surprise.
They have an actual I can't tell if trolling or just incredibly dumb but still big peopIe well done.
So me and my professor have a tradition to draw each other's names on the exams.
When the teacher gives you an extra point for drawing a mean stocks when you are a teacher and you have the power to decide whether to give an extra point or not, reality TV can be whatever I want.
He got an extra point.
That's Gray's eight writing an essay intro in first paragraph, second and third paragraph conclusion.
It didn't make me life, but big BP.
That's just how it is a They got Mr Appeasing their very nice goddamn!
The trio is complete, My God!
So invading for Pitt ster!
Oh, God!
Now I feel terrible.
I will still play Minecraft on my spare time.
Off course.
Off course.
I would never leave spendy.
Spend my main.
It's Penny, Penny.
You know what I mean.
No way.
No freaking way.
Girls post a picture on Instagram defends in the back.
Okay, since I'm gone and maybe I should shout out a couple channels.
No, wait, That's a terrible lady.
Well, nerd stated that a great video on little punch a link in the description.
Very epic.
He could be a Nazi, but I'm willing to take the chains.
My instagram got deactivated.
My family disowned me.
And the guy I like won't talk to me at all because of that tweet.
But fuck it Saved.
Is that the girl that, like, put her nudes out for Australia?
All right, that's a big P p.
I'll take it.
I have Mike.
No, it's been three years.
You don't need to risk.
I don't even notice.
That's huge.
BP me and simple high school teacher hearing my people's talking about Peter Pie.
Oh, it's a Swedish teacher.
Okay, Is math related science 19 year olds are teacher has big baby teacher as big paper A huge dick.
That's hilarious.
I love how this channel just transcends time.
Anyone can watch whether you're nine or 19 or 99 What?
See what Mona's see?
Big p p.
That rhyme so beautiful that took me way too long.
Brazil only sends one person I ran My God, old Gord, you're gonna be over So asking hard Iran just quit.
I ran.
Just stops being a country.
That's what happens Me knowing I'm not gonna get drafted into World War Three because I am a woman.
Petey Price says I have big p p p.
Our records say that you're a female, but from an insider source, it says you have large pp.
What does that mean?
The code bro's Remember the code normal people in the CPD pie 90 rolls with CPD pie Is math related to science?
It's so funny because it's so freaking through.
F told the PUC's that have been left alone since I don't know what that is, but big BP announced that he will be taking a break in January.
Find support.
His decision.
Well, now I'm not doing it.
I'm glad I I suck through half of January at least, cause then it just seems like I took a break because it was January, which is his lane.
Because, like, I could have just stopped in January, but I had nothing else to do.
Why am I going on a break?
Me watches Punitives.
Mom, is that beauty pie?
Well, yes, but actually no, That's pop.
It's Moria were the most beautiful women in the whole world.
Her eyes, her beard, her breath through fantasy true love Instagram deactivated the count of murder in model.
Okay, so it was her birthday.
Just lost his best defender.
And big peopIe.
Can we talk about people?
I green screen himself into his own room.
Huge peopIe Well sided this.
So that means congratulations.
Side big people confirmed inside gets break too.
You know, I keep I keep going like, Oh, it's so hard.
I need a break side that it's almost every single video.
That's a lot of work when you say war is bad and get five million years.
All right, I'm not gonna take credit for preventing World War Three, but I didn't say it and has well three happened.
I don't think we're three happened.
I don't think there are three happened.
I photoshopped peers into my girlfriend poster of a Cramer, then printed it out That replaced the original huge speak.
Be cute cop players in Iran, 360 notes.
Go rocket league players, big people.
Time flies fast!
God damn you guys ever cry watching my videos.
Bunch of cry babies.
You know, Felix needs rest very much.
Take a break or draw 25.
I will really draw 25.
But I think I can say safely say you know and Big BB Home is where you don't smell anything.
Your walk.
And that's buddy.
And that's a fact.
Big BP.
That's a fact.
I totally forgot that Gloria Borger was a real person.
Voice of what?
Oh, my God.
Gloria Borger actually made it all right There.
Go ahead.
Brings in.
Now she's working for CNN.
The house?
Most billionaires act reserved and with class Elon.
Musk Way.
Only way.
It's what God intended.
There must be the mush, Felix.
Every morning, Marcie it.
Where are my links?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Okay, so I recently want strength.
Don't ask questions.
Just follow the story and there's a puny PYY stirring in shrink, and I can't believe no one's talked about it.
There it is, I figured.
E know it.
I know it.
They were in strike.
All of line.
That's my origin story.
YouTube 2020.
Try YouTube TV.
I have not gone that and YouTube survey, YouTube music and you two family plane try you to Premium.
Just try it.
Please do.
It's January and I'm not.
It doesn't matter.
I'm going away.
19 year old discovers planets 6.9 times larger than Earth on third day of internship with NASA.
That's really that's incredible.
Huge, huge peopIe huge peopie so big and 6.9 that's That's an epic Number two.
Felix is going to be going to World War Three.
Be like, Damn, that's so cool.
Oh my God!
Maya's hate God so very nice.
Very big people.
A few defy Phanor with water college because my computer broken.
Hey, we got some happy wheels fan are you know people treat me like God how they ignore my existence unless they need something from me.
Oh, I see.
Michelangelo was only 24 years old when he completed the ph dot sculpture.
The fact that he was eternal makes it 10 times more interesting.
Michelangelo was my favorite.
Targeting details after Raffaele Oh, and then Leonardo.
And then I don't remember the rest Boner or peopie attack.
Now I want to learn piano.
I didn't know that's crazy.
Chris Hemsworth donates $1 million to Australian Bush fire crisis because that's what heroes do.
I hate how people criticizing for a terrible like his net worth it network.
It's not the money in your bank account.
It's still an amazing donation.
Shut the fuck up!
Okay, sorry.
It's big peopie energy.
I can't get mad.
You can combine pubes.
I'm taking a break in January.
Pubes, actually in January.
Noah's Notice it.
Yet I was surprised someone finally realized I haven't actually gone into break.
Tiny penises were a sign of intelligence in ancient Greek times poll.
So, Felix, big brain, Huge.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I was interpreted as because Yes, they are small peopie.
All right, but it's more that you can't control sex or people.
Let's get real here.
All right?
You got tiny people, not your fault.
I have ever don't have that problem, so can't relate, But they're always super muscular and super epic.
So it's like, Well, they worked on their body.
That's what matters.
That's something.
You became control.
I think about that.
You small people, some.
But I have something in my eye look like genuinely in vain people.
What it's there's some infection people ranting about how 2020 is going to be forgetting that we will have an entire month off for 20 0 my God.
There better not be some huge Mim happening while I'm gone.
That's gonna piss me up.
There better not be some, I don't know like Logan Poll.
It's a dead body or some.
I don't know.
You guys better not drag me bank.
It's what I'm saying.
Menus love to get sex.
Women use sex to get love.
I used a counterweight to launch 100 kilogram stone projectiles over 300 meters.
Yeah, is it?
So the tripper share that was called the war wolf.
They started building an asset of castle and the people in the cancer saw it and were like off a fish.
We surrender even before they completed Building the Traber shape.
That's how awesome Traber shades are.
Scottish soldiers offered surrender.
Bring the weapons potential to destroy the entire castle.
Edward sent the truth party back inside the castle.
Dick playing.
You do not deserve any grace but much surrender to my will.
Edward decided to carry on with the siege and witnessed the destruction power of the weapon.
He was like you guys surrendered, but I kind of wanted to make make it go.
Boom, boom.
Hey, Started hurling thread wishes are so awesome.
I loved I loved ricochets there like my life war bad Trump backs away from further military conflict with our rain.
I'm not gonna take credit for word, Pete.
World peace.
That would just be, you know, ridiculous.
But I'm just gonna let him in.
The history books write themselves.
You're welcome home.
I gotta straighten.
Ashamed, actually.
Becoming a mean that makes me so happy.
Only small people once booking Drunken sword shield.
Traber, Shea Traber.
I lost tribe or Shane.
Alright, big P P.
Let's get all right.
I gotta end it here.
I just wanted to say take this moment.
Give a toast to my nine year old.
Thank you for watching across the years.
I know I'm making this a bigger thing than it is, but it is weird for me too.
It is a big thing, even though it isn't a big thing.
Okay, So just I want to say thank you for watching my videos.
It makes me happy that you watch it because I like making it.
So Cheers to you.
One thing I really realizes.
Like I love making videos.
And I love interacting with you guys.
It's really fun.
But I think this year has just been so much piling up that I think I'm like, Okay, I should probably just, like, cool down for a bit.
And then we'll come back with 10,000%.
We'll come back with a fire power off a 1,000,000 tribal shape.
That's it for me.
See, you guys.
I don't know when I'll be back, but have a good time.
Like, just like enjoy yourself.
I was gonna shout out a bunch of all the channels to watch, but that I'm not doing that again.
That's it.
Hey, door.
Hey, door.


It's been real, but I'm out! - LWIAY #00106

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