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personal way, Way around.
Turn around, Turn around.
Go pro turn.
Here we go.
Domino Matrix makes its way around Beautiful for the big domino smashers KCRC Wait!
I got a basketball.
I'm gonna talk this thing.
Put a ball in it.
We're gonna attach the rope to your chair in full gas switch.
This is accountable way.
How did it feel after you nailed that bucket?
That's what I needed a doctor.
You, Rick, this interview is gonna be a little bit different than most every question we gotta have.
A brand new look was incredible there like that.
All the dive zombie Apocalypse happens.
Who is your go to survival partner?
My brother.
Your brother puzzle is more than okay, Marcie Jumping make a goal with it.
Problem is, I've never been a going doing that way.
This helps me.
I'm just gonna put this down.
This'd RC penalty.
Oh, you went five hole right through the middle.
Selling doughnuts right now.
Hit it Rolling Q b roll.
This is super.
I swisher way standing donut celebration was backing up.
Wait, who is your celebrity crush?
Okay, Jennifer Lawrence Squatch, The back story.
You wrote on the back of my wheelchair.
So you could say you successfully picked up Jennifer Lawrence.
I mean, how was the relationship?
Was a kind of bumpy.
You guys going steady way?
Differ a little.
Okay, That would make a lot of people jealous.
You're just gonna go all the way down the ice ties Gonna be at centre ice right here.
I'm gonna try and shoot when the trash cans right in the red line.
Right there.
I think this is a trashcan.
This is a slutty.
This'd slip.
This is somebody turned giggle box upside down.
Getting credit for the intro difficulty.
With all my heart it is.
But when you get it isn't gonna feel good.
This is a sled pulling trash can vote.
Are you familiar with one of these?
Her name.
That's a grenade is not a real grenade.
In case you weren't aware, let's pretend that you were going to take out somebody in the hunger games with a grenade.
How would you do it?
And what would you say to him as you chunk this in their general direction?
Christmas came early.
That's what That wasn't a Slama Jama.
I don't know what this'd wagon.
You know what I have to say about that?
Let's go.
There's a lot of thought goes wagon puller.
You gotta make sure, Dr Certain distance you gotta pull me a certain speeding, shooting, certain place.
There s someone living with muscular dystrophy.
If you could tell the people that are watching anything you wanted to say to them, what would that be?
Part of people that aren't always aware.
We're pretty much the same as a regular people.
Just a regular kid wanted to regular good old fun stuff like being a dude perfect video and do awesome great things and hit the road with Ty later in his cover, Man, I get like right here.
You're gonna pull speed camp coming thistles The Tai dong on Dylan.
Here we go.
Let's do it.
321 way.
What do you like to do for fun?
Make it is what kind of videos?
Deep post.
What's like the theme committee?
Comedy videos.
Okay, Right now I need everybody to go down.
Follow Dylan for some incredible comedy videos.
They're going to be great.
And, uh, that's all I got to say.
What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching Huge Thanks to make a wish for making this whole thing possible.
If you want to support, make a wish, make sure you click right here.
You want to see our last video click right here?
Excited Now Cory pounded with No, I got treated with care.
It was skip to my Lou doing.
Who said about disco fever?


Make-A-Wish Edition | Dude Perfect

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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