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today with a hot spot clear of competition.
I feel good about today.
Emily can finally get going, sending down lead diver Bob Hafner this summer.
She has another reason to fill the coffees.
My siblings, they all have kids way up north Men.
What happens?
My brother and his family are moving back up to Alaska, so I'm using a portion of my profits from this season to help them get settled.
All right.
You know, today I just I just want everything to be calling and chill and for us to make a little bit of money.
Good Black, Probably.
Worked over pretty good.
Somebody's been here before me upside down and you'll see the black sign up on the black side down.
Somebody's already been there and they picked over the best of it.
It's very frustrating.
I don't want to give up on it.
Chicken doing is a lot of river channels kind of going through the lease and rivers could have high concentrations of gold deposits.
We could try Teoh, go to the west, we go Another copy.
Let's leave this Lady Ford.
I think I'm gonna pick up here, move a little bit way.
The eastern edge of the River Channel is picked over.
So Emily is repositioning the Eroica to the West, hoping to reconnect with the pay streak.
We have to find a new spot like a seam of concentrated minerals that pretty consistently produce gold.
We'll give it a shot.
Here, let's get this woman announces, going just off the coast of No.
We're going to find gold in this spot after finding the eastern edge of the chicken wing had been cleaned out.
You know, I'm here heavily right down.
Still heroic West not seeing any gold?
Not really.
But after three hours under the surface, River Channel has yet to reveal any signs of gold.
But I'm gonna work some of this for a while working if we're not on exciting ground.
If I don't hear the diver saying, Oh, this is awesome.
This is ounce an hour.
Plus, if I don't hear that, I start to worry a little bit here.
Look, you man, it's a little bit extra ground here.
It's not just my operation.
My divers have to make money too.
I have to make sure that the boat is on producing ground get down there, Bubs.
Take a look here for a second.
If I could get through this combo, it's tight.
So it seems old.
Well, flat rock just make like a panic on cold sets in between.
Really Concentrates first traps before with the Eroica finally uncovering promising ground, right, It's time to grow.
Jump gets to take it over now.
So into the water.
Go season diver Jeff or Ziolkowski for another six hour dive shift to keep the gold float.
You paid good.
Looks like, uh, beautiful outside.
It's calm.
I think we're gonna real apps have lunch here.
Good day to have a burger on.
Latest will start on our season.
Wait there.
Like tonight Gonna be a good spot for us.
Little paper awhile.
I want to do better than I did last year.
It's necessary for me, for my family, for my crew.
I have great divers, and Chase has been a rock for this team.
He'd like to try diving this year.
Hopefully, this spot is, um, gonna produce and hopefully we'll you know, we'll stay there the rest of the season.
That's awesome.
Great hard sought gold first plane out of here are too high.
After finding fresh gold on claimed 14 Captain Emily is cleaning her first pay dirt of the season.
This clean up everything good about it.
I think there's a chance that we got at least 25 ounces in the booth in every part of it is great.
She smelting gold to school sound every last bit of profit.
It's melting it.
It's a way to get a lot of the impurities out.
You can get a higher cash payout if you smelt your gold because of the purity is higher.
It started to the poor intothe.
This is a lot more pure than if they were to get rob old.
Once the gold is melted and rendered into two solid bars, it's the moment of truth.
Oh, what is it?
75 putting together?
We got Mark.
Yeah, 24 25.
Nice Penis.
24.25 ounces is worth nearly $29,000.
Every time we get more gold were a strong pay off to a rough start proved the captain knows how to find the hot spots.
The gold is there and we're back on track for the season.
It's a good start, but there's definitely room for improvement.
If you stay on that spot, Mother Nature cooperates.
We'll be good to go.


Divers Find £29K Worth Of Gold On Ocean Floor | Gold Divers

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