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release of intervals here on the part.
Guys, I'm freaking out.
We talked about freaking out.
I'm freaking out about me.
Wait, Don't go.
That's a raven.
We talked about the reboot.
We talked about everything.
She sang a song.
She said the word queef.
It was incredible.
How do you feel?
Really, really good about it.
I feel a queef coming along and I'm ready.
We'll let it go hungry?
You guys got the Bacchus son.
Cliff goes straight shape.
Has guys?
Yes, I'm back on tour.
You're not gonna go away for, like, four years like a Dell and come back?
No giant dough.
I'm chain smokers.
I'm coming at you every fucking week with something new.
So for this performance, I decided to give us, like, a new setting.
You know, like in the kitchen.
That was like a small arena.
Bitch, This is Madison Square.
I have different furniture.
He says I have crossed Bitch, I have an audience.
You excited?
Is he Daddy saying?
I think that was a yes.
Okay, so here we go.
Ready the headphones back on.
Unless rocket you, huh?
Get me a while.
My 21 times Same lips tell me 21 lies.
Yeah, we'll be the death of me Sage advise they do make Jesus cry.
I need you Hey you right now Because you made me who I'm so glad that you're your break Get i n b c treating me like a job you'll get one night.
You can get this now Now when they you can't do this Now, Now I don't want you, do you?
So live it.
I know you Wait.
Come on, you But lady Gaga No.
Oh, e Oh, Normally, I wouldn't forget that Except the back was my birthday gun doesn't see what happened.
T leave Don't let me go.
No todo wait Alley and k j where oh, dangles on string like slow spending retention Winding in winding out Wait Hey me When I get twittered, Rob, we owe way.
That is to the right guy.
But you wait just so you crying several times.
Welcome to the final show.
Hope you when your big coz just grind Well, you show wait way when?
Yeah, When you d'oh!
Yeah, who?
Oh, you would have gone with when you buy a couple ornaments.
But you should really the warning pretty soon you'll be bored.
Hey, you wanna feel sexual?
I was called up Professional stick pins in you, like best about you owe me.
Is it true that banging his beauty doesn't face fun with warranty with a pretty face?
Make it better Hey, simmer down Simmer They say with Julianne now to about to do anything.
Now look around something Something's up in I know this Marco.
She looks so I know now that I'm so down.
You look so sick standing there with my American apparel.
Andre Where?
And I know I know this song is gonna be there.
Not enough credit.
I think I'm done.
I think I think I've broken up shit, Huh?
Guys enjoy this video.
And I hope it made you realize that you could do anything and you could do a badly made you a thumbs up If you want more singing with headphones.
Also subscribe to my channel it somewhere down there and get that fellowship.
All right, you guys.
Thanks for going.
You know, I've been looking for my cat for like, 30 minutes.
I think he's gone.



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