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you've been in so many great films, it's hard, you know, I I list like five of them and you realize now that there's probably, you know, 45 I could list.
What's the one you hear about when you walk around the street, where the one when people see you, they go?
Hey, you you think you know it's a fun game when someone's approaching with a smile on their face?
And I would say it would be like, Oh my God, I love fight clothes And there's some that are that are sort of, ah wide array of people like and then some people, you can kind of see him coming out, but I bet he likes the Italian job with a score like that.
And then But I was in your home in New York and this guy came up the other day.
Big, big, you know, mustache, Mets shirt, big gut, big like construction worker hands.
And I'm just I'm kind of waiting for it.
And he goes, He goes, I love you and Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.
I said, You and all the other 12 year old Thank you, thank you.
You're the most sensitive guy on the crew.
That's it.
I'm telling you, I I've said this before, but I I was walking through New York once, and it was like, early in the morning, when they're the trash, men are coming through and they're emptying the trash can.
And this this guy like, leans out of a trash truck.
And he's just like this total guy who could have had a cigar coming out of the side of his mouth.
He did.
He was like, I enjoy you.
I just love the word Enjoy.
I enjoy you.
Don't look like you enjoy anything.
I don't want to know exactly what that means.


Edward Norton's Surprising Encounter With A "Moonrise Kingdom" Fan - CONAN on TBS

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