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  • Presumably now the focus is back on number five?

  • You've got the four... Yes, back again. Hang onto them.

  • Don't let go of those ones!

  • So, back to get number five,

  • but you don't know who you're going to fight yet.

  • No. Because the fifth belt is... Well...

  • That's being decided in February? Well, it's going to be decided...

  • Yeah, in the New Year, but I'm going to be in training anyway,

  • so I'm still up in the air on what to do and so on.

  • OK, so it's either going to be Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder.

  • So, between the two of them, if you were a betting man,

  • who do you think you'll be fighting? I don't know, I don't know.

  • Tom, if you were my manager?

  • I'd go by the colour of gloves.

  • This is why you're not my manager!

  • If you want my expertise... Feel free to ignore me.

  • Stephen Graham, you follow boxing, who do you think?

  • I think any one of them. Yeah.

  • A real fighting man, that's a real fighting man. Anyone.

  • Any one of them. It doesn't matter. Do you care?

  • You can't call that fight, so put any one of them.

  • Well, the last time, it was a draw, so...

  • But you don't care or do you have a preference?

  • The preference would be the champion,

  • who is Deontay Wilder, because it's a championship fight.

  • But Tyson Fury's so talented as well,

  • and it's the best of British, so why not?

  • I would fight anyone.

  • So, either one of them is good... Not you.

  • The way he looked at me there was like...

  • I don't have a belt.

  • Don't waste your time, don't waste your time.

  • Listen, their fight's in February, so how quickly do you think

  • it'll happen, where you're going for that fifth belt?

  • Will it be in 2020, the fifth belt?

  • That would be the dream, that would be the dream.

  • So, they're February, I'll probably go end of March,

  • win - let's say providing I win, and I put my prayers in -

  • and the champion wins, then why not?

  • Well, I hope you do,

  • because then you could be a guest on the show again.


  • New Year in 2020, we'll see you then.

  • Anthony Joshua, everybody!


Presumably now the focus is back on number five?


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