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our sources have told us two things about this guy, Willie.
One is that he's a local.
He knows this portal trample area like the back of his hand.
And most importantly, his dad was somehow linked the problem way, Willy.
Like wanta II photos.
Who knows?
I think style.
For security reasons, the name of the Finca cannot be mentioned on cameras.
Life study, you kind of metal.
That, to me, is a very good lead.
Akala, Tero.
Design compartments or secret hiding places for Apollo Escobar in the Medellin cartel.
These guys were valuable commodity to the cartel.
A lot of them are engineers.
They're carpenters.
They're very good at what they do.
And for that reason, they're sought after by these narco traffickers so that they can securely hide their items of value.
Check this one out of a hole.
Steps here and everything.
Their steps.
Oh, okay.
Check this out.
While that thing's huge brandy minutes holes Massive, Massive.
You can park a truck in here.
You can hunt cases.
You can hide weapons.
This is his armory.
Ramona Sasa was here.
He was having problems with Pablo.
Pablo was well defended.
He was well armed.
We know that Pablo like the use Exotic trees and palms as markers to bury his treasure.
Definitely want to focus around this area.
What do you think this is here?
Look at that thing.
This is Colette.
So the top of the hill, we find what?
To me?
There's no doubt in my mind Waas a collective.
This collective was right next to a mandarin tree.
So it verifies Willie's information is a perfect Letterman.
This one's awesome.
Well, it's a circular shape, right?
We're about four feet down.
It was kind of a symmetrical hole dug in the ground.
Look, if you could see this concrete, it fits in right here.
This was a lit.
This was a cover for this compartment.
You can tell.


Chris & Guillermo Discover Caletas Where Escobar Hid Drugs And Weapons! | Finding Escobar's Millions

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