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aids me destiny.
I had LASIK surgery here at some random doctor's office.
Which one?
It is.
But anyway, LASIK surgery went well and I recorded it.
What kind of recorded the video playing of it?
So here it is.
Check it out.
I'll give you some commentary and I can see really good.
Now, by the way, it was all right.
So I decided to give you the doctor's point of view.
So this is my I upside down the doctor, is it?
I guess up to the doctor is towards my mouth against my forehead is down below the screen.
This is the worst part of the whole thing.
I hear they put the super clamp.
Oh, medic eye opener 3000 on you here.
And, uh, this is a little uncomfortable.
That's the only bad part about it.
I mean, the rest of the surgery is no big deal, but this is just so strange.
You don't really know what to do.
So they put this on you, and they say, Hey, look at this little blinky dot There's this little blinky dot target that you're supposed to stare at and there you go.
That's all you do.
So you look at that dot like there's no tomorrow.
And then then this happens.
They clamp you down and they put a little force on your eye holding it still.
So they get you zeroed in here and they make the surface together.
The client 3000 with this Duma, Fletcher, whatever this is.
And then they put some downward force so that your eye doesn't move.
And this is most certainly the only I would say painful part of the process, and it's not super painful.
We're here.
The flap start.
She'll notice the laser cuts a flap, but it has a little anchor tab at the top here.
That doesn't, uh it doesn't cut all the way through.
But then the laser cuts all the way across your eye.
Is that Is that rat or what?
So it's a three dimensional cut, so it's cutting like a hemisphere, and then once it cuts the whole tab, then it Sears the edge.
Right here is that awesome testicles thing in the world anyway, So let's look at that again.
Let's look at my other eye.
So they they cut the tab right at the bottom, and then they go up and over, You can see the tab is not as deep there and then all the way across.
I guess they're focusing the laser just below the surface of the cornea.
I'm assuming I'm not a doctor.
And then when they get to the far edge, the laser does the whole perimeter, it cuts it loose.
Yeah, that's awesome.
Really cool.
I don't think Gordon, that's a lightsaber.
Anyway, So this is the scariest part because you're sitting here with two eyes that don't work, and you're sitting there praying to the Lord that the power doesn't go off in the surgery facility or, you know, you're hoping they have uninterruptible power supplies on the laser machine.
But anyway, that's Ah, that's the probably the scariest part.
Then they clamp your eye open, and then they marked the flap.
At least I'm assuming that's what he does with this little die thing.
He marks the flap on each side and my assumption being a carpenter and engineers that this is just in case he accidentally tears the flap off.
He knows how to put it back on.
I don't know if that's true or not.
I'm a layman, but, uh, seems like that would make sense to me.
So then he gets up under there.
This little shipper took looking thing and he pulls the flat back.
And Ah, this is man.
This is the part where Here.
You're really glad that you're doctors, not an alcoholic or has the jitters or anything like that.
So anyway, he pulls the flat back ever so gently.
This part is really weird.
I mean, this weird you out.
Uh, you're I just can't describe how worried this part is when he pulls the flat back.
It's like you're in some kind of spaceship because you're still trying to look at that little target.
But he told you, look at and stare at.
So you're still looking as hard as you can.
But everything is blurry.
I mean, totally blurry.
And then the lights go out.
He says, don't move.
And he counts to 20 and always count in.
Uh, the laser starts firing.
Now, I'm told that this laser we'll lock on and not fire If you move or anything like that.
You can see here, has a lock, and he starts firing.
At this point, I actually asked My doctor said, Hey, what's that smell?
Is that Is that what I think it is?
And him being the Joker that he is, he says Yes, sir.
That is burning flesh.
So you can actually smell your eyeball burning if you, uh if you're so inclined to actually think about it, which I was I was asking him what late wavelength laser was and stuff like that, but he's a pretty cool guy.
So they put a drop of water back going, and they like the flat back over.
And he said that the vendor balls forces will keep it in place there, which is some type of vacuum forces that, uh, apply on contact surfaces.
And then he he rakes your flat back and then, uh, puts it back in place, ever so gently.
And, ah, then you go to the other eye, but, uh, it's pretty wild.
This is the you just You just have to go go through with it.
But, uh, I'm very, very glad I did.
I can see very well get 2015 right now.
So at that point, you feel kind of like a wounded puppy.
Yeah, and you just want to go somewhere.
Uh, here will do the same thing and fast mission here so you can see market market and then pull that joker back.
My wife can't watch this.
She does a lot of surgery, but she doesn't.
Doesn't do eyes for some reason you could amputate your leg, but she couldn't take a splinter out of your eye.
That's the funniest thing.
It looks like he's playing tug of war with my eye.
I wonder what happens when they ripped the flat ball on accident that ever happens.
This is one reason you definitely want to go out with a lot of experience.
The choir's the target.
He looks on, feel like we're gonna start with a tie fighter and he starts vaporised and flesh.
The noise at that point is like a clicking noise and say he didn't acquire, so he had to.
We'll look back on choir, but it's like a tapping noise that you hear while this is going on.
See the laser there.
It's like a bunch of sparks that you hear a little smoke.
You don't smoke anyway, that's that.
Here's what it looks like after the 2100.
That's what my vision was not changed this thing, but to 2020 if you don't mind.
So that's what my vision looks like now.
Actually, this now that's what I can see now.
Thank you very much.


Intralase LASIK Procedure with Fear-o-meter and Pain-o-meter

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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