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Hi, my name is Mindy Kaufman,
and I play solo piccolo and flute
with the New York Philharmonic.
My job is to play piccolo when there are
piccolo solos. Most piccolo solos are
written from Beethoven on.
Before Beethoven there really weren't,
the piccolo wasn't used much in symphony orchestras.
Sometimes I play third flute and piccolo
depending on the orchestration.
Sometimes I'll play second flute and piccolo, like
in "Mother Goose" Suite, and sometimes I'll
play first flute and piccolo according
to whatever the composer's written.
The piccolo is an instrument you can
hear above the whole Orchestra, so
everybody can be playing, the brass and
percussion, and you can still hear the
piccolo. It really does project.
A lot of times, when you're a piccolo player
patience is a really good quality,
because we sometimes sit and don't play
for a while, and then the first entrance
we play as a solo. So Tchaikovsky Fourth
is like that. I sit for 30 minutes,
and I don't play anything, and then the
first thing that I come in on is a
very exposed —
well it's a tutti passage and then a few
measures later the famous piccolo solo.
I like to make things, so I like to sew,
I like to knit. I also like the outdoors, so
I like hiking, I like being outdoors.
I do get called — a few times a year,
usually — to play some outside jobs,
mostly movies. So I've done — over the
decades I've done a lot of movies, a lot
of things, blockbuster hits. And that's a
really fun thing to do and to be
challenged in a different way than the Orchestra.
One of the big ones I did was
"Julie & Julia," and
"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "Moonrise Kingdom,"
and a long time ago I did "The
Untouchables" and "The Cotton Club."
I must say when I go see the movies that I've
recorded I usually think, "I can't hear
myself — the dialogue is too loud."
I've had so many great experiences.
I remember Zubin, I came into the Orchestra
with Zubin Mehta and I remember playing
"Rite of Spring" with him. That was just a great
piece for him, and then going to North Korea
with Lorin Maazel, and playing some
of the Ravel music with Maazel, like
the "L'enfant et les sortileges" and
complete "Daphnis and Chloe" with Maazel.
I've been in the Orchestra now I think
this is my 38th season. Over the years
I've gotten to play in small ensembles
and big ensembles with my colleagues, and
you really get to know your colleagues,
and it's such a special experience to
play with them and to make music
together and to develop friendships
through our music, and I think that's why
I went into music in the first place.
When I was in high school it was the
same feeling, that I was making music
with my friends, and that was a very,
it was just such an emotional experience
to play great music and to be sensitive
to the people around you.


On the Cover: Mindy Kaufman Q&A

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