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  • Hey, guys, what's up?

  • Welcome to expiate check underneath.

  • And today's video is a quick update on one of my favorite and probably the most featured units distribution on experience Tech that is elementary, always the first better off its new version.

  • You know what's released last week.

  • Elementary is among the popular Linux distribution that is famous for its beautiful looking desktop.

  • The panty on desktop environment is custom built by the elementary team for the US and is quite popular in the next world, not just for its beautiful looks but also the overall design off the restaurant, which is very clean, simple and minimum.

  • I personally have used elementary as my daily driver in the past, and if you have washed my old videos, many off those were made on elementary yours.

  • So I'm a big fan off this district and have been eagerly waiting for its new release, which is also the reason why I'm making this video today.

  • I have never made a video on better releases, So in this video we'll take a tour off the new Juno desktop and check out some of the important changes and new features introduced with this new release.

  • But before I start, I want to give an important disclaimer.

  • This is not the final race off Juno.

  • So many things can change, improve or added to the s.

  • Also, the better release is mainly for developers and software.

  • Destiny test their abs on elementary platform, so bugs and errors are expected in better release.

  • Arrest of a Dad disclaimer.

  • Let's start.

  • Today's video forced the version number off, you know, is 5.0.

  • Elementary has changed aversion numbering system off its releases.

  • All previous releases used point numbers.

  • The version number for Loki was 0.4 and Freer was 0.3.

  • It's good that they have simply find the number system tow.

  • Avoid any confusion.

  • Elementary is based on long term releases or lt s versions off, a boon to which is released in every two years.

  • This way, the U.

  • S.

  • Is quite stable, and also the team has plenty of time to build and test elementary specific up The new version Juno is based on Mobutu's 18.4.

  • Lt s version and running the latest Lennox Colonel 4.15 All right, so this is the new junior death stop visually, On first glance, it doesn't look any drastically different from its previous release.

  • Lookie, but there have been many improvements and tweaks to the district.

  • In the latest version, off elementary, you will see a change in the icons off many laps, around 850 icons have been redesigned.

  • Also, the color palette now gives five shades off each color.

  • This gives a lot of options to the developers to select colors off their choice for their amps.

  • Another big change is the support for H.

  • I.

  • D.

  • P I, which elementary calls as pixel doubling, which is now a standard feature on modern, the next ESTA and is essential for high resolution displays.

  • And it gives you clear and crisp image off your destiny.

  • No.

  • One of the main selling point off elementary is It's good Looks and HIV P I or pixel doubling as elementary like to call it enhances the look off the desktop by taking full advantage off each pixel off your high resolution screen.

  • All right, now, moving to the topper there's a search icon added to the applications menu on the top bar.

  • The top are off.

  • Juno now has this translucency feature that changes according to the background, and it looks really nice.

  • There's also some animation added to the system Aikens on the right side, off the top bar.

  • Also, the volume I can now shows you the media control so you can play our past music from here.

  • There has also been changes to the user interface design Off Applications Elementary is trying to standardize at the layout off all laps.

  • So now you get this settings icon on top, right side with option to change background color for some maps or to increase text size et cetera, which I think is a great design choice and streamlines the overall desktop, which is good for enhancing the user experience.

  • The script APP has been renamed to code, and there's also a new icon for the app.

  • There have been few improvements to this app now.

  • In addition to Point, you can also use colon to goto a particular position in your file.

  • There have been many other subtle improvements tow this app.

  • The photos at now has a dark background which now emphasize your image is better.

  • Now let's go to the system setting app, which also gets a few important changes.

  • The night shift mode has been added to the desktop, which makes the screen less stressful to your eyes, especially during night time.

  • By changing the color temperature off your screen, you can also adjust the settings from the top bar.

  • Also on the desktop.

  • No venue.

  • Presti Control Key.

  • You get this pop up showing you all the keyboard shortcuts.

  • For example, all plus tab lets you cycle through the windows.

  • Also command plus a rookie takes you to under the workspace.

  • You can also customize these short goods by clicking on the setting.

  • Aiken at the top right corner that opens the settings app and takes you to the keyboard shortcut window are So these were some of the changes in the elementary's new junior Yours.

  • As I said, this is just the better release, and you can expect many other changes to the desktop when the final version arrives.

  • All right, that was all for today.

  • Thank you guys for watching this video.

  • If you like this video kindly, presto.

  • Like Britain.

  • If you have any common sedition or feedback, do that in the comment box.

  • And if you want to see more such videos on the next.

  • Please subscribe to my channel experience Tech.

  • I thank you again for watching.

  • We'll see you next time.

Hey, guys, what's up?


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