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All right, come on in.
It's playtime at this nursery in Bristol.
Magnets, metal and imagination.
Well, I think that's fascinating, because that's not a toy that's designed for a child to use.
So it's actually quite difficult for aid into this large bit of metal from the magnet.
She's learning skills of dexterity that she might not learn with a toy that was designed for two year old here.
Shells boxes on dhe.
Shiny envelopes are allowed, but these aren't on were locked away in a cupboard for a month.
There was some of the older Children.
At the end of the month, you said, you said we really would like our our trains packed and it was Her purpose was never to deprive the Children, so of course they had them back after the month.
But two year olds, they don't want any of this back at all.
I would also say what's interesting, What you've picked up because you've got a female queen on a very male muscular superhero gender is something that can be reinforced through toys.
Having observed the Children for the one month trial earlier, the here staff here say that 75% of the two year olds used Maur imagination in their play in 13 year old class, more than half used their imaginations differently.
Andi in another group between 1/4 and 1/2 of boys, communicated Maur imaginatively.
So they're sees the nursery with very few toys, although they'll play with anything else, including BBC camera equipment.
It's playtime at this nursery.
It's playtime at Base Nursery in Bristol, magnets, metal and imagination.
She's learning skills of dexterity that she might not learn with a toy that was designed for a two year old.
Some of the older Children at the end of the month, you said, You said way really would like our trains and it was hot purposes, never to deprive the Children.
Gender is something that could be reinforced through toys.
Thanks for watching.
We really hope you enjoy that vigil Found it useful.
In fact, we really want you to watch some more of our vigils, so make sure you subscribe to BBC Learning English and Seymour of May Dad Rob Neil.


Toy-free play trial - Lingohack

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