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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now, this is how player unknowns battle grounds looks and runs on my upgraded HP office machine and FX 4100 and HD 58 50 system that cost me a total of about £80 or $110.

  • It's average is around 30 to 40 f.

  • P s, but suffers from lack spikes and stutter.

  • And this is probably a familiar scenario to those of you out there with a low end machine.

  • Over the weekend, I had a message from one of you guys that asked My PC can't run pudgy Very well.

  • Do you think it's worth getting on my five s as it's free now?

  • Until yesterday, I didn't know this game was available on iPhone, so I sort of chuckled to myself before actually discovering you could get this on IOS and Android, at least in China and Canada at the time of this video.

  • It turns out the iPhone five s is also the minimum requirement, so to speak, for the IOS release.

  • By this point, I was thinking while the game struggles to run smoothly on most Peces, as you can see here.

  • How on earth would it run on a near five year old jewel court iPhone with a gigabyte of ram on?

  • That's when I got curious.

  • See, I've tackled this subject before when I spoke about how some mobile ports of PC games run better on phones than they do on aging computers.

  • So it was worth a go.

  • After changing my phone's region to China and downloading the game, it was immediately obvious that this was the pub.

  • Gee, I'd come to know and enjoy, albeit with significantly reduced graphical detail.

  • Not surprising considering mobile hardware limitations.

  • What What's surprising, though, was how smoothly it ran.

  • Here we have a mobile version of a 2017 game that's actually performing really well.

  • If we take a look at some footage recorded internally, we get a better idea of the visuals.

  • And as you can see, the game on this device defaults to the lowest settings with what I can assume is a lower resolution than the native 11 36 by 6 40 default.

  • While I have no way of displaying the frame rate in game here, I can tell you that it was running closely to 30 F.

  • P s with a few frame dips here and there.

  • It's unfair to compare this directly with the PC release due to the vast graphical differences, even with the lowest settings and resolution.

  • But in terms of frame rate and frame rate alone, then Pub ji on the iPhone five s is a more consistent experience.

  • Then it is on my cheap PC.

  • That being said, it's also a more awkward one, because gaming on a touch screen is a far cry from the comfort of a keyboard and mouse or controller, though it's not as bad as you may think, thanks to a Maciste.

  • And there are plenty of Bluetooth controllers and keyboard mouse combos out there.

  • Even with the touchscreen, though, I was actually able to get someone before they got May, a rarity for someone with my lack of gaming skills.

  • Bear in mind that depending on the hardware deals where you live or your bargain hunting skills, you may be able to put together a more powerful PC for the same money that will run player unknowns battle grounds just fine.

  • But in answer to this very question, then yes, it's worth trying on your phone if your PC can't run it.

  • Despite the lack of visual fidelity that you encounter on lower end mobile devices like this one, in my opinion, it's never worth investing more money in a phone than a PC.

  • But if you've got a hankering to play pub ji on old or lower end PC and a phone, that's pretty snappy, then by all means, give it a go, because you may be very surprised that the performance just like I waas just don't go out and spend $100 on an iPhone five s when you could get a decent use graphics card for the same money.

  • There we have it.

  • This has been a little bit different.

  • It was a viewer request.

  • I'd like to do them every so often because some of the questions I get asked are very interesting like this, and I never expected the mobile version of pub G to fire up on this old device.

  • Anyway, thank you all for watching.

  • I hope you've enjoyed it.

  • If you did leave a lock on it, leave a dislike on it.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.


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