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  • Hey. How's it going?

  • We have a lamp.

  • Yes.

  • It's a milk glass oil lamp made by the Dutch company,

  • Royal Zanzora.

  • OK.

  • This is what you'd see in Victorian times

  • in the United States.

  • Everything was pretty gaudy back then.

  • And gaudy was good.

  • I found the lamp in an old antique shop.

  • I'd like to sell the lamp, because even

  • though it's really cool, it just doesn't have any use for me

  • anymore.

  • I am selling the lamp for $1,300.

  • If I get the full $1,300 for the lamp,

  • then I'm probably going to take my daughter on a nice vacation.

  • This thing is definitely cool.

  • You have the milk glass up top.

  • It's the original shade, the original flume,

  • and then we have the original porcelain oil lamp base.

  • OK.

  • It's obviously a kerosene lamp.

  • Kerosene was big in the 1850s and was

  • commercialized by the 1860s.


  • Most people don't realize today, this

  • would really light up a house.

  • HANNAH: Oh, wow.

  • Prior to the invention of kerosene,

  • most lamps either burned vegetable oils or animal fats.

  • Kerosene literally lighted the world overnight.

  • What were you looking to get out of it?

  • HANNAH: I'd like $1,300.

  • OK.

  • This is your problem with this, OK?

  • This was dropped and repaired really, really badly.

  • This is a really bad soldering job.

  • HANNAH: Oh.

  • And it would not have come from the factory like that.

  • And this doesn't fit.

  • This did not come with it.

  • So it's not for me.

  • But thanks for bringing it in. - Of course.

  • Thank you.

  • RICK HARRISON: Have a good one.

  • Thank you.

  • Hearing that the lamp had been repaired

  • and had been damaged previously, it really let me down.

  • But even though I can't sell the lamp,

  • I know it'll still look beautiful in my house.

Hey. How's it going?


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ポーンスターズ帆船オイルランプ|歴史 (Pawn Stars: Sailing Ship Oil Lamp | History)

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