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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now this is my family's old laptop.

  • It's been sitting in the drawer for months unused, which is a shame, considering how much of a good workhorse it waas before it got replaced in comparison to the new one.

  • It sucks if I'm being honest.

  • But today it gets one last shot at life before well being sold.

  • I guess this Toshiba cost us £300 new.

  • And today around a man, the local secondhand shop told me he'd give me £30 for it.

  • I couldn't let this old girl go for such a low price.

  • So here we are, originally a Window seven machine.

  • This Toshiba C 6 60 has been upgraded to Windows 8.1, but for some reason it's un activated.

  • My sister also spilled coffee on it the day after it was born, which gives half the screen a strange dark tinge.

  • I've hooked the native 13 66 by 768 display up to my TV today for a better look on.

  • With that, it was time to check out the specs, something I don't think I've ever done.

  • Jumping into control panel and here we see it has a Celeron be 8 15 jewel core CPU and four gigs of DDR.

  • Three are the specs included 500 gig hard drive and Intel H D graphics.

  • I can already see how this is going to do, just like it always has.

  • Bean.

  • General usage is still perfectly fine, with Google Chrome running perfectly on this old laptop, an HD YouTube video streaming flawlessly.

  • The experience was better, in fact, than I last remember, but you only have to look at this thing and the fans starts making one hell of a noise.

  • This was especially apparent during the Sinner Bench ar 15 benchmark test.

  • I was hoping to beat the previously tested seller on Drew for 60 Process ER, which God 77 points, and thankfully, this just about pulled it off.

  • Although, as you can see, it can't keep up with the likes of a Pentium IV 5400 graphics wise, The integrated Intel HD graphics chip was rather humiliated by the heaven benchmark, even at the lowest settings, and this made it clear about how this test would go.

  • One funny thing I noticed was that even opening the camera app on Windows eight proved quite strenuous, with the fans starting to race.

  • As I started shooting a short video, I cleaned all the dust out a couple of months ago, too, as the last time it was used, it overheated and shut itself off.

  • Now we must test out its gaming capabilities, and I started with a quick attempt to emulation are fired up.

  • E.

  • P s sexy ran my version of Tony Hawk's pro Skater to at 7 20 p, and to my surprise, the gameplay stayed solid at close to 60 f.

  • P.

  • S as an emulation machine.

  • This thing would probably do quite well in running most of those PlayStation one classics.

  • But what about PC titles?

  • While you can forget about the likes of CS go in similar because our old Toshiba here just about managed to hold steady in Morrow Wind, I can't blame it.

  • It was never designed to do this, although I'll admit I've definitely seen worse.

  • I wanted to give this single real challenge.

  • That's saying goodbye in style, though, so I loaded up one of my favorites, BioShock infinite, to see if tweaking the graphics to a point where everything was near incomprehensible did the trick.

  • 3 20 by 2 40 resolution allowed us to get it working, though it seems my unwillingness to listen to the laptop screaming fans was the downfall off this whole test, and the system quickly shut itself off to prevent any damage after letting it call for an hour, it was time to try again, this time focusing more on what the system can play, as opposed to what it can't Minecraft with the fastest settings ran a treat, with some of the advanced options reduced on the render distance set to six chunks.

  • Daughter to also run Okay, with a few dips here and there.

  • But nothing that put me off playing a whole match on this now increasingly loud laptop, I guess.

  • Overall, this thing has done me and my family quite proud over the last few years of ownership, and it was still able to deliver a reasonably usable experience despite its aging specs.

  • And it's always worth checking out the gaming performance of Old Hold, where, despite what you may presume will be the outcome.

  • Some games will run on just about anything, even this old thing.

  • So there we have it.

  • I hope you've enjoyed today's video.

  • Guys.

  • If you did leave a light on it, lever dislike.

  • If you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see you all in the next video.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.


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