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  • Let's go.

  • He's coming!

  • Get somebody tacular!

  • Got your whole life story tattooed on my body.

  • Yeah.

  • Long history of months arrested There has never been a champion.

  • White lights in technical fans around the world are asking, Is there a challenger out there with the hunger to drop discipline to become the next champion?

  • What?

  • That's enough for today might not look like much, but there is a champion monster inside of him.

  • He Thank you.

  • Great way.

  • Seriously.

  • Need to work on strengthening endurance.

  • Fortunately, I know just the thing.

  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • That's gonna be a hard no for May.

  • Do it again.

  • I think this is my nightmare.

Let's go.


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ランブル』予告編 (2021) (RUMBLE Trailer (2021))

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日