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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now there's no denying that crisis was both a visual and technological marvel when it released for PC back in 2007.

  • I've covered it a few times on this channel, often including in benchmarks and even dedicating a video to the game turned Mame running on modern hardware.

  • Chances are, if you've built or bolt a mid range gaming PC in the last few years, then the specs inside will be more than enough to handle crisis at full HD resolution with mostly decent frame rates to boot.

  • Even so, it's probably not too far fetched to expect a few significant dips here and there, especially if you insist on maxing out this title.

  • It's quite amusing to look back on the minimum and recommended system requirements as you matter, What were they thinking under your breath when using the suggested 8800 GTs?

  • The game is certainly playable with the lower presets, but just so much was tickling the anti A leasing options will have an adverse effect.

  • Crisis also likes CPU clock speed, multiple cause or a good start, and it will try and make use of them Despite two cause of my Iife, I've taking most of the brunt.

  • But the game was created at a time when it seemed like superior performance would end up being determined by more gigahertz.

  • That didn't go as expected.

  • Hence why crisis will still refuse to run consistently well, so why am I making another crisis video today, then?

  • Well, after turning on my Xbox one ex this morning with the intention of burning Samarasinghe Red Dead, I happened to notice what I thought I had only ever imagined playing as a kid crisis on Consul.

  • I've made the odd retrospective video on consoles before, but primarily focusing on a console game.

  • Well, that's a new one.

  • But this isn't just a game.

  • It's an impressive representation of pushing hardware to its limit.

  • To understand why this was such a brilliant achievement, we have to talk about the technology powering seventh generation consoles.

  • Actually, yeah, that's not Call it a brilliant achievement just yet.

  • It was certainly an achievement, but we're gonna have to talk about the performance before you make your minds up on that one.

  • The 30 60 features accustomed triple court xenon process I clocked at 3.2 gigahertz with one megabyte of L two cache.

  • The GPU was designed by 80 I now Am D and was named Xenos.

  • Xenos is clocked at 500 megahertz and is capable of multi sample Andy, alias ing as well as overheating.

  • Remember the Red Ring of Death on early models?

  • The Xbox also features 512 megabytes of Judy are three RAM clocked at 700 megahertz, which is shared between both the CPU and GPU.

  • It launched in November of 5 2002 years before crisis.

  • Originally released on PC, the PlayStation three, on the other hand, is a little more complex and uses thes cell microprocessor clocked at 3.2 gigahertz and made up of one power processing element, or P P E and six accessible synergistic processing elements or S P s, with 1/7 dedicated to the operating system and an eighth as a spare.

  • The GPU, known as RSX, is based on the NVIDIA G 70 Architectural Think G Force seven Siris, and he's clocked at 500 megahertz with 256 megabytes of G d.

  • D r.

  • Three it launched in 6 2001 year before crisis on PC.

  • By today's standards, thes technical specifications don't sound particularly impressive.

  • But if you try running some of the more graphically intensive PC versions of Xbox, 360 or PS three titles on Equivalent Hardware, you may find yourself watching a power point presentation because consuls have far better optimization on their side.

  • And that brings us to crisis.

  • Released as a digital only download for £20 or $20 in 2000 and 11 this version is powered by Cry Engine three instead of two, the same as both successors to the original game, both of which were also released on last generation consoles.

  • Certain assets and textures were overhauled, and changes to the lighting effects were made, resulting in a game that features a cooler color palette.

  • The game runs at 11 52 by 7 20 on the 3 61 024 by 7 20 on the PS three with V Sink, I'll be focusing on the X box version as it supports backwards compatibility, look slightly better and runs much better, too, especially on the X box one x In fact, it targets 31 F.

  • P s but it's not uncommon to see some drops down to the mid twenties.

  • The F p s on the O.

  • G.

  • 360 will get even lower around 20.

  • However, it's the PlayStation three version that really suffered.

  • I read a couple of old digital foundry articles, and they wrote that despite the lower resolution, crisis hit 12 F.

  • P.

  • S at its worst point.

  • This is also why some believe that the ascension level was removed from the consul versions as it was simply to system intensive.

  • The developers said it was because it just wasn't fun to play, but I'm not sure.

  • I believe that it's not entirely fair to compare the Xbox and PC version side by side as they are based on different engines.

  • But I'm going to do so anyway.

  • Just in case any of you out there who aren't quite satisfied with how your PC runs the game, I want to give it a go on your Sony or Microsoft machine.

  • All I've done is set things to 7 20 p on the PC on enabled the very high presets world disabling all forms of anti alias ing.

  • As I said before, though, the styling and visual effects are different anyway, starting with this opening cut scene here, and you can see that both versions look almost completely different.

  • I didn't realize how different until I put them together.

  • The differences are quite divisive throughout, and it's totally down to personal preference as to which one you like.

  • The look off more so I'm going to be quiet for a little bit and throw up some game play along with a couple of side by side shots, maximum speed armor mode and find.

  • So is the Xbox or PS three version worth playing well?

  • The experience is certainly more enjoyable on the Xbox one X, which runs more consistently that for anyone who has 1/7 Gen consul, a PC not quite capable of running the game and £20 to spare, it might be worth checking out.

  • But there are other factors to bury mind as well, like the availability and low cost of what used to be mid range or high end graphics cards cards that will probably give you a much better experience even today.

  • So with all that said, thank you very much for watching this video has been a little bit different, but crisis always finds a way back into my life.

  • And I wanted to share this video because it's something that not everyone may remember.

  • And I think that it's one of those games that everyone wants to play.

  • But no Peces can handle it.

  • So if you like this video, leave alike on it, leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already, and hopefully of see all of you in the next one.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.


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