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Rick, What's going on?
What's up?
I need some money.
I got a family heirloom.
Check that out.
It's a coon site.
A coon Zeit kun's ight.
You're sure it's just on a fancy piece of glass?
It's been in my family for generations and generations.
That's all I know.
They only discovered the stone like red around 1900.
So it hasn't been in for generations and generations.
I come to see the guys at the pawn shop.
Quite often.
They can retail the stuff.
I can't.
I'm going to get 15 grand out of Rick.
I mean, it's gotta happen.
I'd rather have the money.
That a pink gem?
All right.
Do you know anything about it?
Yeah, I guess it's an evening stone or something.
Yeah, the reason they call it an evening stone is because Kun's I can actually bathed in sunlight.
So that's jewelry you're supposed to wear in the evening.
There really rare more money.
I'm gonna have Jeff my gemologist, check it out.
Well, you don't trust me.
You don't think it's really no, I don't.
You know, it's really I thought me and Rick were better buddies because I didn't think you need to see a gemologist, you know what I mean?
He didn't need no fancy machine to see that.
It was really he could trust me.
What's up, man?
Davey says This is Kun's I with Abby Cool.
Let's do some tests when Rick walked into my office.
That's pretty excited, cause I don't always see Kun's I let alone of one of this size.
All stones have clarity, characteristics which can help identify him.
If it's glass, most likely there's gonna be air bubbles.
And so what I can see in here our inclusions that tell me that this is natural so far.
Good news, right?
Yeah, but I won't know if it's a natural kun sight until I do other tests.
It's cool.
It's going.
We'll find out if you're lying.
This is a refractive index machine, and it measures the way light goes through the stone.
And from that we can tell if this is a natural kun's ID or if it's something else.
And as I can see through here, has the right refractive index to be kun site.
So, yes, this is a real coons.
I it is a natural kun sites I told you.
I told you.
How much money?
How should this go?
For something of this nature with this size, and with this color, I'd probably estimate 32 $50 a carat.
Okay, How many carats is away?
323.8 kids.
So we're talking that $30 a carat, right at 9600 bucks, Right in the neighborhood?
Yeah, ballpark.
All right.
Thanks, Jeff.
32 $50 a carat.
Gives this a retail value of somewhere between nine and $16,000.
Knowing Davey, he's gonna try and squeeze me for all it's worth.
Well, it's really I feel it's worth 15 grand.
9600 if I need one.
I don't need one.
It's big.
It deserves big money.
Are you five grand?
Just plain and simple.
It's gonna sit for a long time.
15 grand.
Five grand.
10 grand.
I'll go 10 G's.
No, please.
I have to mount it in something which is gonna cost me a fortune because it's going to use a lot of gold, but it's gonna be a big mounting where we're gonna meet in the middle 75 give you 60 seventy, five hundred six grand.
Things like you're winning.
I was that 15 grand.
Come on, be a little bit more reasonable.
All right, 65.
All right.
All right.
Give me already.
I don't hate Rick.
I like doing business with Brick and Cory.
But, you know, sometimes they win.
Sometimes I win.
I mean, uh, this one they want Don't make fun of my picture.
I was much younger than you.


Pawn Stars: RARE GEM WORTH BIG MONEY (Season 8) | History

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