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Hi, everybody.
You guys like broccoli?
Today we are going to make some simple recipe.
Very easy.
Sting the broccoli salad.
Purple is a happy food.
Everybody knows.
But how can you serve this?
Especially Children don't like broccoli.
How can you make them like broccoli?
You didn't go my way, E Whoa!
So I seen this one of my favorite paddock restaurants.
They sell steamed alone with the obamacare Delicious barbecue.
And then I got inspired by those guys.
So I'm going toe Add something like a special Korean kick.
So if this is going to be like a Korea for labor and steam to properly sell a suspect one bunch of broccoli they had two heads around one and half pounds.
I washed.
So I'm going to cut this in.
Whites people will stem is very heart.
So I'm going to cut it off for you.
So I will use a whole even though I don't have to peel the skin because we are going to steam to make it soft and tender.
This floor ETS and the stamp act to see easily cut this way Unless it trimmed this pact, his path scene and cut these We dreamed all.
Put these in the path of the happy couple.
Closely bring to a boil.
This is the way or with steamy very quickly.
Why I broke Willie's a steaming I'm going to make the source for this.
Just eating.
So to show that I olive oil and then every car so you think the amount you want happen no sesame away.
Yes, I think for Disa properly, for some reasons that somebody didn't work.
But it's up to you.
Three papers print extra virgin toe.
Peaceful So ground black pepper The sugar, too.
Losing ground to club So Mr Garvey, one tablespoon white or pepper cider whenever I'm using a presided benefit from by.
This is Mr Wells, and many said you're going to get a really nice Karla and also well cooked and the Actually there is no water around the bottom.
I saw all gone.
Let's move into the bowl, You remember I said, Korean kick.
I'm going to add a crutch.
The happy one teaspoon crushed driving pepper.
Today we made this thing broken cell.
It is, isn't it?
When you serve this for your Children, they don't like to eat broccoli.
Man, I don't know.
Robbery They oak tree Lassie, Let them pick it up and eat.
So they decided Ish for particle.
Many people were eating, enjoying my recipe.


Broccoli Tree Salad (브로콜리 샐러드)

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 25 日 に公開
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