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  • not just a collection of my money to soothe, and that's not good.

  • Turns out when you're not expecting it to remember playing called the duty for without ejecting it every moment I had three.

  • I was on a day and night and although I'm not proud of it, because the fights and free football was the most from me friends list, like forever alone being stuck on Mt.

  • But the minute that I made that game rejects the track to the top one way, no turning back estimation of thousands of my name.

  • And now I think, because I could never be told to be the same in all of this to a video game, this new found popularity still got my mind racing in a time of mind without finding five foreign invitations.

  • And with one thing striving true.

  • You make your own.

  • You do just get you some right here way disc in the tray, kick back, Relax E o.

  • D all day.

  • But no, not everybody starts screaming.

  • Hey, look, we're playing with Bryce.

  • I can't believe it.

  • You know my name.

  • You know what I do?

  • Cinema director.

  • Look me up.

  • When you two playing video games over Living Kind of Crazy used to play for fun, but now come a long way since back in the day, my original game attack wasn't easy to say.

  • Beat 124 and 50 when it's no wonder why I could never make any friends with McConnell blew up after the blackout strap.

  • I got so much points and take my gamer tag, not just a collection of letters for something true.

  • Something from the heart.

  • Bright side, you not just a collection, thank you right there is for myself.

  • I did it for myself then I made it mean something to everybody else.

  • Now the people I've looked up to are asking me for help, and that's gotta be the greatest feeling that I've ever felt.

  • But it started as a Newman.

  • It's true that it was tough.

  • I dedicated myself in the practice.

  • I came up mining, started to climb the scoreboards and lobby from laughter.

  • First of all, is that the end of the day?

  • It's about the video game, about proving yourself on the most often stage now.

  • Tell them your name and go get some help in this game and community that we build for ourselves is not about some account for how many friends you get.

  • It's not the number of favorites with tournament checks.

  • It's not the best thing to do to me.

  • It's just me alone with my control.

  • It's not just get to know my right.

  • That's not be your wife, is I?

not just a collection of my money to soothe, and that's not good.


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Gamertag Rap Song (feat. TryHardNinja) |Not Just A Collection Of Letters (Gamertag Rap Song (feat. TryHardNinja) | Not Just A Collection Of Letters)

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