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crazy mother.
Hey, I said this is Alex.
So tonight, another hotel.
And this is gonna be a tough one, because this hotel is pretty less somewhere in UK.
I don't know exactly where this is.
Thing I know is that I do have a few ingredients.
And William, I'm sure I can make a nice dessert.
First off, I forgot.
So these are Weetabix.
I've got all these dry coffee sugar.
Then I've got some cookie.
I got these biscuits.
I was lucky enough to find a supermarket.
And this is what I bought some full fat Greek style yogurt.
So basically, my idea is simple.
I want to make a thing is for that mood first container.
I thought I could use this teacup.
You know what?
It's not transparent.
So I found another one.
This is my bathroom, by the way.
It's nice.
We have used this doubling.
And if you think I'm tired, well, this is really, really late.
It's like, Well, let's make a base biscuits, crush them, then do the same with mix it.
Now let's make a very strong There's no need to get some sugar in the coffee because there are already some sugaring.
The biscuit Make that shot and strong.
I'm still wondering, How am I going to sleep tonight?
A toll that coffee bit.
Who cares?
We have the base nearly done, so we have the coffee.
We have the biscuits to crush biscuit, the things we also need a bit of alcohol, and usually it's like a drop off two of amaretto, which is a and alcohol made with almonds.
The only thing I could find tonight, and we are lucky that I did find this is some Guinness.
But I reckon you know this is just out.
So you should have some coffee, some roasted flavors.
It should fit right in with the people mixed mix.
This over the biscuits.
It's nice.
Top it up.
So basically, we're missing some cocoa on the back.
I have some crumbling a few cookies.
I can get the effect of cocoa powder on guys.
I know this is not the real gigs, like really serum issue, but when you are sticking a little room in the little off nowhere, then I think this is turned off right to let this video.
If you did share it with friends.
If you want it Also subscribe to the channel for many more weird and delicious recipes that I have, and now I'm gonna enjoy this serum issue.


Boozy Tiramisu | Hotel Guy Cooking

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