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  • hated some highlight.

  • And today, on highly cooking, I've got a crispy smashed roasted potatoes recipe for you with bacon and mustard and time.

  • This is a beautiful treatment for America's favorite vegetable.

  • Second favorite vegetable after you are counting catch up.

  • So let's get started, cause it's a really easy.

  • The first thing we're gonna do have got some water here that is coming to a boil you don't need like a whole giant pot of water.

  • Y'all just enough to cover your potatoes.

  • I'm using these little baby potatoes here, so I'm gonna add a little salt to this water, and then we're gonna drop in our potatoes and then you just wanna boil Dictators Don't be a hater.

  • Been a model and an actor, and now I'm a rapper.

  • Sorry, guys.

  • Thanks for indulging me.

  • I just, um when I get like music in my heart, I have to let it out because it's really express myself.

  • And if I don't, Then I get really about heartburn.

  • So thanks for listening.

  • Uh, so we're gonna boil these potatoes for maybe, like tin the 12 minutes until they're tender enough to be poked all the way through with a skewer.

  • Poke it with a skewer.

  • Meanwhile, dogs.

  • Yeah, you guys are assholes, and that's why I have to stay outside.

  • So these potatoes were going to season them with bacon and mustard and time.

  • So I've just got a couple strips of bacon here that I'm gonna chop up pretty small.

  • If you want to keep these vegetarian, you can totally use butter olive oil instead of the bacon fat, and you could really use any kind of herbs or seasonings that you like.

  • I listed a bunch on my website, so that's good.

  • And then I've got some fresh thyme.

  • People get kind of hung up on the tediousness of dealing with tiny little fresh herb leads Oven's preheated everybody, but it's real easy.

  • You just take it and kind of group, and it helps if you make that little sound and you just kind of up like pull it, pull your fingers down like that and the leaves just pop right off.

  • Don't they just like that?

  • So maybe like two teaspoons worth of time leaves, you could use dried, but I do think that with this particular recipe, because we're roasting at such a high temperature.

  • Fresh herbs work a little bit better Destroyed herbs make it burned.

  • But you can use rosemary or sage or oregano.

  • Any kind of like Woody.

  • Things like that go really nicely with potatoes, so we'll know that they're done when you can take a skewer or like a paring knife or whatever and stab it through and there's not really any resistance, but they're not like splitting open yet.

  • Good deal.

  • Which gonna drain the Inderal quick.

  • I'm gonna do it the dangerous way.

  • So you could also use a colander if you put safety first.

  • I am land.

  • So for this, I'm gonna put some grainy mustard.

  • I bet like horseradish or something would be really good.

  • Thio And then as a long time to yours, No, I keep my jar bacon fat, which actually is running pretty low in the fridge.

  • Every time I'm like bacon.

  • Just pour off the extra grease into a jar and keep it for flavoring stuff.

  • So I'm using that.

  • But if you don't have that duck fat is great.

  • If you could get your possums in duck fat or like I said, oil or butter so just tossed us around Actually, the quietest way is to just put the lid back on and kind of shaking around and just dump the potatoes right.

  • And you could use a baking sheet, too.

  • But, you know, cast iron works great.

  • And then we're just gonna start smashing them.

  • So I'm just used the glass and anything that a flat bottom will work.

  • All right, So once everything is flattened, I'm going to take the rest of this mustard will invariably be left behind and just kind of spoon it over the top.

  • Then we're gonna Sprinkle a little bacon bits all around and try to get them, like on top of the potatoes as well as touching the pan, because the ones that touched the pan are going to end up a lot Chris Pierre than the ones on top.

  • But then you get like, this nice texture mixture, and this is great, too, because you can boil the potatoes ahead of time and keep them in the fridge.

  • And then just whenever you want a quick, awesome side, there's just smash him and pour seasoning, cinnamon, bacon, it's dope.

  • And then our time, little Sprinkle of that try to get it more even than I just did.

  • And then we're gonna d'oh!

  • Just salt and pepper on top.

  • And I like to use kind of a coarse grind of both again for some texture.

  • Little crunchy texture on top, then into a 425 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes until the bacon is cooked and everything's kind of crispy on top.

  • Just like that.

  • Okay?

  • Uh huh.

  • Yeah, this recipe and all my recipes are always available at highly cooking dot com and printable format with other notes and pictures and recipe ideas.

  • So check it out.

  • Please don't forget to subscribe and give me a thumbs up comment.

  • You know, the drill.

  • Taste these bad was things were so good.

  • Look at that little crunchy bottom to top solution.

  • Man.

  • It's so good.

  • I hope you try these.

  • Please send me a picture on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter Harley cooking.

  • And I would love to see your finished product Have a great day and I'll see you next week.

  • Bye.

hated some highlight.


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