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  • you Don't the French say Marc Almond?

  • I'm going for the only our parry and sent us a family about Kelly left over for me.

  • Ah, Leff in from us in the video.

  • Uh, Caroline Patterns, They laugh at me.

  • Vestibule!

  • Devil done, Wasim.

  • A missile Sienna like you.

  • That bottle's defensive solidarity.

  • Mom!

  • Mom!

  • Mom!

  • Mom for a while for me said don't prosecutor to some miso gene because they won't.

  • Muller was more Sona Passy.

  • You?

  • I think I don't know.

  • Yeah, Don't waste it.

  • Well, we've said jump over.

  • Did you get it?

  • Was your doing more was on phone?

  • Did they go?

  • We mom badging me for having me.

  • So for me.

  • Thank you.

  • Well, mom, Then what for me?

  • Say something.

  • Don't fall.

  • May honor the only rebel coup de cuisine.

  • Keefe.

  • A packet of Vaux Formula A kiss on Sochi phone back to me.

  • Rely on first premium precedent, Mercutio, by mid summer.

  • Gee, Uncle movies.

  • Except for me, that is all for me on the set.

  • Okay, One more moment.

  • A key for a party to vote for me, son.

  • Event cash.

  • Keep it for me.

  • It's a party isn't respected.

  • One only parents can and no power.

  • So about.

  • And, sir e puc by noon, which, coincidentally, research Ah, uh, Jackson.

  • Oh, yeah, yeah.

  • Kapini, seek a more, uh, about Christmas, huh?

  • It is a museum recovery.

  • Could this you're kicking a ball?

  • The trick of a cue ball in traditional family?

  • Practically.

  • That's it.

  • That Jeff Mmm.

  • The infamy.

  • Traditional family.

  • Elka was everywhere on Catania.

  • Managerial Addison's?

  • Uh, no.

  • A local mirage.

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  • A decision in the marsh was confirmed to be back home in perilous commitment.

  • Something for me?

  • A classic.

  • So did you reason even save a buck and well, noise back?

  • Uh, what?

  • We don't know what to do and a benefit for the bike.

  • Uh, this week, uh, football psychopathy the maid Hadi.

  • Sean off army.

  • Don't just keep the They didn't keep going with hell.

  • Hope that is so familiar.

  • Lilia here to the doctor in multiples Walla.

  • Say, just buckle.

  • Abby Joseph was approved on a book.

  • You appreciate life.

  • Mea commonly joins a compulsive vehicle for me.

  • See a poly Cee Lo Videos.

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  • See?

  • No, Maxie is with the question.

you Don't the French say Marc Almond?


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フランスの家族の生活|やさしいフランス語 85 (Family Life in France | Easy French 85)

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