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  • - Dear Diary, I'm back!

  • This is my sixth en-- this is my sixth entry.

  • Oh my gosh.

  • Sixth. Entry.

  • And I'm in Dallas, Texas, next to some like weird,

  • I didn't even know what this... I thought it was cool.

  • I'm in Texas 'cause I was a doing a sponsored video

  • with Holiday Inn Express.

  • Why not go to a Holiday Inn in Texas near one of my

  • friends who makes video, so I've been hanging out

  • with Brodie Smith.

  • - You're gonna see great worship, you're gonna see

  • a lot of people, as you can see we parked

  • forever away from this place.

  • I don't know actually who's speaking tonight

  • but you're gonna see someone that motivates you

  • and moves you and just really speaks to you

  • and hopefully guide you through the week.

  • (gospel music)

  • - Hanging out with Brodie is definitely interesting.

  • - Hot fire freshness.

  • - I was helping Brodie out on one of his video shoots

  • and we got to go into AT&T stadium.

  • I'm a huge Cowboys fan.

  • Guys, look how big the video board...

  • First of all, this is glorious right here,

  • I'm just gonna take this in, I'm taking this all in.

  • What, what is this?

  • What is happening?

  • I'm going on the field?

  • I'm going--

  • I'm on the field.

  • This guy's proposing to his girlfriend.

  • Oh my gosh!

  • I'm been making a lot of moves, people.

  • But I thought I would address my absence.

  • I've been making videos every Sunday for the past five

  • weeks, but up until then, there's been this like huge gap.

  • The reason for that is simple.

  • I've been making a lot of videos

  • for a lot of different people other than myself.

  • I was in a really cool series.

  • (electronic music)

  • - I need to win this.

  • - Dreams come true.

  • - What is this?

  • - This tribe has spoken.

  • - These people think I'm gonna suck,

  • that's when you come in, boom!

  • Hit 'em with the speed boost, they're not ready.

  • (electronic music)

  • But also, I just got so discouraged watching all these

  • other garbage people blow up.

  • I'll be watching a video and I'm like, "Why, why, why?"

  • But then I realized something.

  • I was letting other people out-grind me.

  • Never again.

  • Never--

  • Oh my gosh, this thing touched me.

  • Brodie, you wanna say anything to the people?

  • -

  • Hot fireness.

  • - We're both gonna be re-launching our gaming channels

  • coming soon, it's gonna be lit.

  • Hey you know what, just remember guys,

  • real men keep diaries.

  • - I'm a grown man.

  • - Why am I doing this next to this... what?

  • This was a terrible decision, I don't know why...

- Dear Diary, I'm back!


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日記さんへ。ただいま (Dear Diary: I'm Back)

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