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They are cool.
Okay, phase two motorcross bikes.
But not just your normal motorcross bikes.
These air out a red shifts thes awesome.
I've heard about these.
Yeah, they're supposed to be great, and they're pure electric.
So they're quiet.
Just that we need for sneaking up on Bigfoot, huh?
Know which one you want?
You want the white one of the yellow one.
We could take the white one.
That's a good choice.
All right, now we've done the Bigfoot groundwork.
So then we need to get up to higher ground.
You wanna ride the bike, sister?
So now Matt wanted us to climb the nearest mountain.
Stale could be worse.
This is so fun with backing from some of Tesla's guys who?
Let's face it, I know a thing or two about making electric stuff go fast.
Alta has been quietly taking the motorcross world by storm.
Normally, I just hate the fact there's no petrol engine, but I just don't miss it either.
I gotta be honest.
And if you're a total novice like, maybe you don't have to.
No cuts, no nothing.
Super, Super smooth.
I love it.
But the cutting edge of two wheeled off roading does come at a premium.
It's a little pricey for a dirt bike.
12 grand for the technology and 12 grand seems like Valium.
Without a doubt, this is the most impressive thing being on or in that has an electric motor.
It's magnificent, and it's so quiet.
Oh, poor thing.
What a way to save the planet.
This is definitely the future.
I'm blown away at the performance, I got to say, but then stops up.
Steps up from the supplying to that could be Bigfoot poop.
Oh, come on.
Telling you totally could be.
He's walking along.
It has got all kinds of knots and looks like human food in it.
I don't see any.
Don't really.
It smells like Could we just get to the top of wherever we go in?
All right.
I'll tell you what, hotshot.
I'll race you 1st 1 of the top wins ready?
The race was on, but straight away I had a problem.
Is a whole biking stay with rocks?
Lucky is good.
I've got two things on my side.
One sanity, too.
God, A short cut coming on.
But the trouble with short cuts is wait here.
That's usually a good reason why they don't just cold way.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Where is a very well come from?
I got it.
It's possible.
Oh, no.
On the way.
Now I can't see it if they Where's he going?
Four, please.
Oh, he's just not followed up.
Well, excellent.
With a pro.


Electric Motorcross Bike Racing | Top Gear: Series 25 | BBC

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