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a double action task to question was recently seen in Hong Kong.
So I thought I would pull together a quick video to describe how to best respond because thes question types can be confusing, The question reads.
Extreme sports are dangerous, yet popular among people explain why they're so popular, and how can we do them in a safe manner?
So here you see the question framed the expected response by giving some background information.
Extreme sports are dangerous, yet popular.
You should, of course, not challenge this posturing of the question in your response.
Every part of your response should maintain that extreme sports are both dangerous and popular.
The second part of the question provides one action word, which is explained and two different prompts, the first being.
Why are they so popular?
Why are these sports so popular?
And how can they be done in a safe manner?
As faras double action questions go, this is a relatively straightforward instance.
Your structure is going to a lot one body paragraph to explaining why these types of sports are so popular and a second body paragraph explaining how they can be done in a safe manner.
Some islands, candidates may feel tempted to include 1/3 body paragraph that challenges the questions original framing statement of extreme sports being dangerous and popular.
But doing this undermines the explanations you provided in the 1st 2 body paragraphs, which both assume extreme sports to be both dangerous and popular.
Because this is what is declared in the question, including this extra body paragraph is thus inappropriate.
It's also unnecessary, and it will ultimately waste valuable time on the exam that could be allotted to checking over your work.
So I do not recommend that you include this extra paragraph after declaring a progression for the essay in the introduction paragraph.
Each of your body paragraphs should include at least one supporting example, which is discussed in a manner that shows how it upholds the paragraphs position.
The concluding paragraph should briefly summarize what was talked about in the supporting sections of the essay.
It would be fitting to finish the essay with some sort of expectation or recommendation for the future of extreme sports.
So perhaps, that the popularity of extreme sports is expected to continue to grow and that safe methods through which these sports can be engaged should be promoted.
So I hope that very brief video provides you with a few ideas.
Should you see a question like this one?
A double action question.
Be sure to get your writing assessed a few times for syntax accuracy before your exam to help address any poor grammatical or lexical habits you are unaware of To get in contact with me, you can email me at Ryan and I also have stock calm or on Facebook at facebook dot com.
Forward slash islets network and you can send a message through Facebook.
Messenger there.
Thanks for watching.
We'll see you next year.


Double action IELTS questions aren't as hard as they seem

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