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I don't know why I'm watching this Lulu situation.
The Patriots win.
They get one more Superwoman the cowboy.
If the Eagles win their eagle.
No, we're never gonna hear the end.
Michael Irving is rooting for you.
Not remember their fans in the world.
Santa Claus.
Leslie Odom.
Okay, Okay.
Paige Happy can.
I don't know why she still goes by What's a really, really patriots.
Just let him walk down the field and score.
I cannot believe about the route for Tom Brady.
I'm not rooting for Tom Brady.
I'm rooting against the equal.
Nice catch.
Was that Hogan who was holding already about to score?
Where were you going?
That great Winter Olympics starts on Thursday.
Oh, my God.
Good job, Patriots.
All those white baseball cap don't know why we let him go.
Okay, We got no.
Did you just try to hurtle him?
What are you doing?
Called how to make one move and fall forward and they missed the field goal.
The Patriots are gonna let the Eagles win, and I'm gonna hate them.
Even more cooks wide open again.
He's running in a certain Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Is he alive?
Picked off?
Come on, let's reverse while he's doing it the right way.
Got hands like feet.
We see why you play quarterback wide open.
Look, look how open he was.
Always a Malcolm Butler flag.
Why Malcolm Butler play?
They're trying to let the Eagles win.
I go look at blood score on you like that.
Any play free, all Patriots defense is trapped for two.
Okay, let's sit down.
Oh, was that Buck was Bucket.
Did the game just go off my TV?
Just turn off that TV, Or is that the game?
Can you tackle a giant intersection?
Let's go White.
Nice run.
And they missed the extra point.
Anyone made extra point.
Oh my gosh, the kicker tackled You embarrassed Patriots defense Eagles were about to score in.
Undermanned has good defense.
He tried to pull Gilmore down with no flag going for it on fourth down.
Try to pull my weight.
They're going for Oh my.
Why can't the Cowboys run someplace like this?
Why can't we run some creativity in the Super Bowl?
Running reverse passes And what do we do?
We run, draw.
We run Slaying Why can't we run something like that?
That's all I've got to say.
Brady's scrambling.
Brady is so slows Mass lower than a pregnant water buffalo.
This is ridiculous.
Looks like he's 50 when he scrambled.
When did you get out about Damon?
Don't lock after Justin Timberlake's perform.
Where's in sync at Prince Tribute?
Where's Janet Jackson?
Who is this kid?
It looks scared and confused.
Take us out.
What do you think he was even born?
When can we get back to football?
Where we go from?
There we go rock drunk again and grog for the touchdown.
It's easy.
Just give the boat aground.
Patriots defense, its tracks not catching, bobbled.
Improbable that that's a catch that's called it.
That that's got a are cheating We go.
That was a catch, though, and the Eagles are already about to score.
Good job.
Petrie to draft Calvin.
Really good defense, obviously does not matter.
What are Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr doing?
This is why the Giants win three and 13.
Nature has finally stopped.
A month are down Good time.
Oh, Ron can Harrison is a beast.
How old?
He's like 52 4th down girls are calling for it.
And the God, of course, game like it was already in field goal range.
That's not a cat.
Their deaths got it.
The same thing happen today.
The same thing happened today.
There's not a catch when the Cowboys during the playoffs.
When the eagle.
Okay, why, Brady.
It's on.
You do the girl, right?
I don't want to deal with the Eagles fans talking trash all season.
Brady did.
Brady Just That's what I hate about writing the way that this is what you don't think.
That's what does ever brew for the pantry.
Garber's Patriot about Tom Brady.
Go top ready and go over your fumbling the ball.
Hate the Patriots hit the Eagles last second.
No Mary Crock, the Eagles won the Super Bowl's Wow!
Wow, man, this this is a nightmare.
Already getting text messages.
Wow, At least this season is over Now, At least this season is over.
I'm about to go.
I'm about to go to sleep because this is ridiculous.


How Cowboys Fans Reacted to the Super Bowl

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