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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • I'm Hittle.

  • I'm unusual.

  • And today we're gonna show you how to make mixed doll with a man.

  • You know, this was just taking your simple doll to another level.

  • You're adding in different types of dolls.

  • You're adding in, um brand, which is very it's something that just kind of blends in with the other flavors on it is super, super nutritious.

  • So amaranth is also called La Chiquita and Hindi, and this is what it looks like.

  • They're tiny, tiny little seats and, uh, it's almost like cuss Kosor Poppy.

  • See, they're that small, but it's got a host of health benefits.

  • It is one of those things, like in while, which is a complete protein complete set of amino acids.

  • And there's just really healthy.

  • It's got four times as much calcium as wheat does, and it's just filled with a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

  • So these are the dollars that you're choosing to use Now again, you can combine those and have a different kind of combination that you want and something that you know, the dolls kind of cook at the same similar times, so we're using Quarter cup tour doll, quarter cup lentils with skin with using quarter cup of china doll quarter cup of green Mongol.

  • So that is one cup.

  • This is 1/4 cup, so total one in the porta cups.

  • So we're gonna combine all the $4 just wash it.

  • Make sure water runs clear the amaranth.

  • We're also gonna wash, but we're going to wash it separately and then just kind of filter it out in a stranger or a very fine.

  • See?

  • Let all the water ran out.

  • So we have a washed and drained dolls in a pressure cooker, and we're gonna add the washed camera.

  • And this is three and 3/4 cup of water and a little bit of salt.

  • Just gonna mix it, turn on the stove to about a medium high, close a pressure cooker and let it whistle for three times before turning it off.

  • So a pressure cooker was sold three times and we allowed the pressure to go down all by itself.

  • And let's take a look.

  • The dolls on amaranth look perfectly cooked.

  • It's still got a lot of texture.

  • That's exactly how we want it.

  • Let's start working on the seasoning now in a pan over here on medium heat, I got one tablespoon off oil hitting God and half a teaspoon of mustard seeds, and I'll splatter 18 teaspoon or at Qaida for on dhe one spring off cravat.

  • Now can I have a couple of onions, one table scene or garlic mint?

  • One tablespoon of Benjamin's on green cheating told Daniel cooking you just a couple of minutes until I get a little color.

  • We're gonna add in one top tomato and took a job for about minutes.

  • You don't want to overcook tomato.

  • You want to be on.

  • You're not done.

  • Transmitter cooked in this evening.

  • Increase the heat again.

  • We're just gonna allow to come to a boil.

  • You can also adjust your salt.

  • At this time, it's come to a boil.

  • You're gonna turn off the stove, gonna squeeze some fresh lime on it, and we're gonna add some first of Andrew and it's ready.

  • Sarah Dell is ready.

  • And how fabulous does that look?

  • It's got so much color and so much texture going on in there.

  • It's not just your block every day, doll.

  • So definitely looks so good.

  • So let's give it a shot.

  • Mmm.

  • Tell me this is one of those dolls that it's It's not pasty mush.

  • Each of the little ingredients in there you can actually taste, and you can actually feel she's awesome.

  • You know, when you're biting into moon value, nobody inviting to the Sudan.

  • It's, uh I mean, it's just fabulous.

  • And, you know, the brand, of course, is there.

  • But again, it's kind of blends in so beautifully, so small a kind of blends in, so you get the goodness without the, you know, the the power punch.

  • But if you do want that you can always up your amount of armor and that you put in there.

  • I mean, it's just fabulous.

  • It's a great one that I actually feed to my kids so that they don't know what else.

  • I added it to the dollar absolutely like this video, and he'd like to see more from us.

  • Please don't forget to subscribe.



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