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  • Konnichiwa!

  • So, as I said in my last video, today I'd like to talk about the differences between

  • manga and anime and real life when it comes to dating and love.

  • And I got a lot of questions! Thank you so much.

  • But the thing is that there are actually many questions that I've never even heard of,

  • so about those questions I can't really answer.

  • I think I'm gonna ask my sister today.

  • And since we are both Japanese, we don't talk in English--we'll talk in Japanese.

  • Which means you're gonna have to read subtitles, so please be patient.

  • I'll do my best to edit the subtitles.

  • But for those who are learning Japanese, I think it'll be a good practice, right?

  • -Huh? -Never mind...



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Anime vs Reality [pt 1]: Dating & Love アニメ vs リアル (Anime vs Reality [pt 1]: Dating & Love アニメ vs リアル)

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