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These are the 10 most liveable cities in the world, according to monocle.com
Stockholm: top notch education and welfare,
but needs more integration for immigrants, to increase diversity.
Auckland: hosted the rugby world cup did wonders,
motivating it to create two new entertainment precincts and public transportation greatly improved.
Sydney: Innovative mixed use districts incorporating cycle paths, verticle gardens are one way
the Australian waterside giant is becoming more sophisticated.
Tokyo: hidden under the facade of a neon-lit megacity is a small town spirit featuring
world class shopping and business opportunities.
Melbourne: Australia's cultural hub
is getting even better with a big push to ease traffic congestion.
Munich: Unemplyment is low, but failure to act on a few key projects has hurt Munich's
standing. Its airport needs a third runway to compete with the other global cities on
this list. But didn't get one
Vienna: continues to evolve from a beautiful relic to a modernized classic. Affordable
housing and an imminent brand new campus for the Vienna University's school for economics
and business will inject youth into the city.
Copenhagen: the danes are the happiest people on earth because of places like this, with
near-perfect integration between city life and the outdoors. The city aims to be carbon
neutral by 2025.
Helsinki, Finland: crowned world design capital 2012, it is unveiling a new metro line and
converting its harbors into attractive residential areas. Helsinki is a city where good ideas
can quickly come to life.
Zurich: with 50 impressive museums, concert halls and theatres
a strict corporate culture, this clean, beautiful city is one larger cities should learn from.
In the end the cities that make the cut are not just OK, but places that are benchmarks
for urban renaissance and rigorous reinvention in everything from environmental policy to
transport. No city in the Americas made the top 10 and no city in South America or Africa
made the top 25.
Take our poll below linked below, which city do you think is the most-liveable? And help
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10 Most Livable Cities in the World

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