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  • Hi, I'm Anthony McGill, Principal Clarinet

  • of the New York Philharmonic.

  • Well, I grew up in Chicago, and my

  • brother started playing an instrument, and

  • so I wanted to kind of copy him, and so

  • I picked the clarinet and fell in love with it

  • after they told me the saxophone was

  • too big for me. Some of my first early memories

  • of music were my brother practicing

  • at home for hours and hours a day,

  • and it was amazing to have a very

  • close role model in music to kind of

  • show me the ropesshow me how

  • to do things: how to audition, how to

  • practice, how to have that drive and

  • that fire. So it really inspired me at

  • an early age. We still perform together.

  • We just formed a trio together within the last

  • year, and we're recording together, and

  • it's pretty exciting. We have a few projects

  • on the way, and more to come.

  • I was principal clarinet at the Met [Opera] for ten years.

  • At the Met there were two principals.

  • There are kind of co-principals for

  • each section, and so we have to kind of split

  • the work, because there are so many, so many more

  • performances really week-to-week.

  • Being Principal Clarinet at the Philharmonic is

  • different than being principal clarinet at the Met

  • because of the intensity of the

  • performances, of how long they are, so

  • performing at the Philharmonic is kind of

  • more like a sprint, and at the Met

  • it's more like a marathon. So you have to

  • pace yourself a little bit differently.

  • The energy is slightly different in

  • the pit than it is on stage. What's great

  • about starting at the Philharmonic is that

  • some of the pieces I'd studied my

  • entire life and had never performed with

  • orchestra before the first time onstage

  • with the New York Philharmonicso that

  • was really exciting. I think my first

  • Rachmaninoff Second Symphony was here

  • with the Philharmonic. My first "Capriccio espagnol"

  • was here with the

  • Philharmonic. Lots of great pieces.

  • So at the end of 2008, out of the blue I get a

  • phone call from one of Yo-Yo Ma's

  • managers, and they said, "There's a

  • performance opportunity we want to

  • talk to you about, and it's

  • at the Inauguration of Barack Obama."

  • And you know, at first I kind of thought

  • it was a joke, and I thought,

  • "I don't know what's going on," but it

  • actually was that invitation. And so it

  • ended up being just an amazing part of my life.

  • I'll never forget it. You could see

  • hundreds of thousands of people on the

  • Mall, and we were right behind the

  • President when he took the oath of office.

  • So I mean it was an amazing experience.

  • The woodwind section at the Philharmonic

  • is really great. I love playing with my

  • colleagues. You know we just, we have a

  • way of blending together but

  • also coming out of the texture and

  • being kind of soloists when need be.

  • The personalities are really great, and I have

  • a really great time playing with everybody.

Hi, I'm Anthony McGill, Principal Clarinet


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