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I'm a new job and I'm hit Bill and its tip Tuesday on Show me the curried duck.
So today's tip is we're going to show you how to make a eco friendly home made drain cleaner.
Very true and so simple.
I mean, how many times you have clogged drains?
Everybody has clogged drains.
So there and here we have some baking soda.
Now, these are very inexpensive and very easily available.
Whatever brand you like doesn't matter.
So all you have to do is just take your baking soda and just put it in the dream that's clubbed.
Now, of course, we're not gonna go.
There's ensure you that.
So we just want to show you the effect of it because our drains already clean.
Uh, we've already used this trick, e we have a little ball over here and just show you what it does.
If you do the same thing over there, they're just gonna put in a generous amount of baking soda.
And again, vinegar is super cheap.
You could just buy one of these jugs and keep it for your household cleaning for forever.
Yeah, exactly.
It's a good bite.
So again reiterating this is not gonna happen in the bull.
You don't have to do this in the bowl and poured in.
You're gonna actually pour the baking soda in your drain and pour this over the top in your dream and let's see what happens.
Look at that.
It's a cool science project because it's what they do for volcanoes and stuff like that.
So you go anyway.
Those wonderful bubbles that just you saw right there.
They're going to go there and kind of attack all the grease and all the grind that's stuck inside your drain pipes.
And it's so much better for your pipes rather than using those commercial chemical pipe pipe cleaners in the usually kind of corrode your pipes, And plumbers usually don't recommend them.
So this smell of those things very strong.
And really you don't need to have not thought this looks justus well, so once you poured the baking soda in there and once you poured the vinegar over the top, just let it sit for about an hour and an hour later, crank up the hot, the hot water in there and just zoom.
Let it go and everything else.
It's easy way to eco friendly.
Clean your drains.
Here you go.
So if you have it it If you'd like to share with us and our viewers, please email us at tips at Show me the car dot com and join us again on another que se for another tip on, show me to curry dot com.


Homemade Drain Cleaner | Show Me The Curry Tip Tuesday

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