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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the cutting dot com.

  • I'm a new job and I hit the line.

  • Today we're making a leap in here.

  • It's a fabulous combination of Asian flavors, and I think it's really, uh, Indo Chinese dish because, really, I've never seen you leap in here in a Chinese restaurant, but it's something that I can union's must have concocted.

  • But it's delicious, So let's get started.

  • So we have about 10 ounces of funny cute Oh yeah, the accused did like so but make longer slices off.

  • Japanese are smaller, bigger choice.

  • And what you're gonna do is we're going to marinate you in some soy cells now, but he doesn't have a whole lot of flavor by itself, So we're just going to help it along a little bit.

  • And just today was blown off.

  • So I saw somebody need right now, and you can leave that aside for about 5 10 minutes until you work on the rest of your ingredients.

  • So for our Chili paneer recipe, we have a lot of these wonderfully flavorful ingredients.

  • We've got ginger, garlic, green chillies, some colorful bell peppers and some onions, but this is chili paneer.

  • So we're gonna add different chilies and one of them being nice red chillies like this.

  • So depending on how spicy your rituals are, you know it's completely to pay.

  • Sometimes they're really spicy, and you need a lot of them.

  • Sometimes they're not so as many as you need.

  • We're going to take this and kind of cut them into little pieces.

  • That way they mix in really well with the veneer.

  • I believe the wretch Elise hole that they just look for you there for They're not as spicy, but by cutting it, you're releasing the seeds out, and it's going to be a chip in.

  • It s gonna walk back on store, and it's got three tablespoons of oil heating up.

  • So let's get back.

  • You're gonna toss it one more time and even added to the oil going on.

  • All right and degree.

  • Do some of the pioneer aside.

  • Drain out all the oil and just put it back in the bowl.

  • Keep it a fight.

  • So saying oil, we can go ahead and add in our chopped ritually.

  • Let them settle for a few seconds and we'll add in two tablespoons of ginger.

  • Two tablespoons of garlic and are for 30 40 seconds.

  • Mostly all the Chinese cooking is usually done on a medium to high thing, but you have to work on.

  • It really was a good idea to have all pepped up way before you get to the store.

  • Next deals in about half of a medium onions and approximately one bell pepper.

  • We're choosing to use three different colors but totally won anything you like.

  • He is not over.

  • Put the bag.

  • So hiking on a quick.

  • Okay, so it's been about a minute now Taste wait and you're gonna know Adan are one woman, a porn star with two feet of water and will report over the next year and again give it a week, tops.

  • Nice lady.

  • It's my so good.

  • I think you better give a shot fork.

  • Yeah, you owe me.

  • The money was actually I picked up a lot of flavor.

  • It's not blend whatsoever.

  • It's just like absorbed all the ginger.

  • The girl like the soy through this absolutely fantastic and we didn't make it super spicy.

  • So you know.

  • But of course, you can scale it up and down to your choice, and they taste and look at the colors.

  • The presentation.

  • Fantastic.

  • Now this is, Ah, a dryer version, so it's perfect for like an appetizer or to serve as a side dish.

  • But you can even make it a gravy version by just adding more corn.

  • Start with more water mixed into it, and it will be like a saucy consistency.

  • You might have to adjust your soy sauce and chili sauce and all that to compensate for the extra water in the liquid.

  • But either way, it will be a fabulous Indochinese such and one of the things we wanted to definitely mention.

  • It's usually a cheese.

  • Paninis is fried, the funniest right, but you try not to.

  • You know, fry because number one for health reasons Number two.

  • What do you do with so much oil sitting around?

  • And really, you could get the same taste in seeing flavors without that a long process and without affecting your health, and so begin to enjoy this fantastic dish.

  • Exactly.

  • So if you enjoyed watching this video and you love this recipe and you want more, please remember to subscribe to her channel.

  • It's free, and you'll get regular updates as soon as we post a new video, so enjoy it to Benin and join us again on another ocean, adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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