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  • looks like any other Land Rover defender, doesn't it?

  • But it isn't.

  • This car is designed to celebrate 70 years of production.

  • A 1,000,000 defenders sold and it's cool.

  • The defender works V eight.

  • The clue is in the name, isn't it?

  • Under there, we've got a five litre, 400 horsepower V eight, which means in order 62 in a hot hatch troubling 5.6 seconds and a somewhat Aargh limited top speed of 106 miles an hour.

  • What else can I tell you?

  • Well, it's got an eight speed said F automatic gearbox, the brakes, the suspension, the anti roll bars.

  • They've all been upgraded, I say upgraded, but there's only so much upgrading you can do.

  • Isn't there still a defender underneath?

  • I've driven this thing.

  • In fact, quite frankly, it's terrifying inside here.

  • Well, it's a little bit plusher than you think, really, isn't it?

  • There's lots and lots of leather.

  • We've got the bucket seats from the Range Rover Sport SP R Here we got the world teeny, tiniest satnav screen in there.

  • But don't worry, it's still a defender.

  • Heart.

  • There's absolutely no air bags.

  • There's absolutely no side impact protection.

  • All of which is a bit worrying when you've got 400 horsepower under your right foot 11 Well, you can't have one.

  • Unfortunately, the only building 150 of these by hand in Solihull, using hammers and nails, and they're all sold out.

  • Price.

  • £150,000.

  • That's right.

  • 150 grand for a very angry two ton brick.

looks like any other Land Rover defender, doesn't it?


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ランドローバー ディフェンダー ワークス V8 ウォークアラウンド|トップギア (Land Rover Defender Works V8 Walkaround | Top Gear)

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