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looks like any other Land Rover defender, doesn't it?
But it isn't.
This car is designed to celebrate 70 years of production.
A 1,000,000 defenders sold and it's cool.
The defender works V eight.
The clue is in the name, isn't it?
Under there, we've got a five litre, 400 horsepower V eight, which means in order 62 in a hot hatch troubling 5.6 seconds and a somewhat Aargh limited top speed of 106 miles an hour.
What else can I tell you?
Well, it's got an eight speed said F automatic gearbox, the brakes, the suspension, the anti roll bars.
They've all been upgraded, I say upgraded, but there's only so much upgrading you can do.
Isn't there still a defender underneath?
I've driven this thing.
In fact, quite frankly, it's terrifying inside here.
Well, it's a little bit plusher than you think, really, isn't it?
There's lots and lots of leather.
We've got the bucket seats from the Range Rover Sport SP R Here we got the world teeny, tiniest satnav screen in there.
But don't worry, it's still a defender.
There's absolutely no air bags.
There's absolutely no side impact protection.
All of which is a bit worrying when you've got 400 horsepower under your right foot 11 Well, you can't have one.
Unfortunately, the only building 150 of these by hand in Solihull, using hammers and nails, and they're all sold out.
That's right.
150 grand for a very angry two ton brick.


Land Rover Defender Works V8 Walkaround | Top Gear

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