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  • Hey, welcome.

  • Still easy.

  • Danish, Denmark.

  • Emily, you are sexy.

  • Tune in my at a velvety Hooper parliament.

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  • Parlamento have soup.

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  • No standards.

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  • It won't be hard.

  • It's hard.

  • Denmark couple for you.

  • It's hot.

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  • I am sickles.

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  • The flow.

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  • Yeah, Bill anything.

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  • Citizen.

  • Yes, I have hoping.

  • Yes, you're pretty.

  • Yeah.

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Hey, welcome.


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デンマークのEU議会選挙2019|簡単デンマーク語15選 (EU parliamentary election 2019 in Denmark | Easy Danish 15)

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