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jesus at the high demand to be a slave
target a page
um... over there was uh... the roses
solutions incorporated all the settlers of the law is down on the right i'm john
fund is up the heat of the
the best way to go out
uh... kittens out how to react to that you've been involved in interviews
before obviously
courses across
so com imagine those efforts this leaves this particular articles that caught my
eye because
the spots around here with my hands
when they're going to do
certain things you should or shouldn't use afford lies at the same shouldn't
sell obviously
uh... the first of those
where you live lee smith of the fair you know you are
if you say you lived there
vicki cummock
shall i meet with you in the final issue
yesterday resistance is is is it might be a repeating with mike and i support
of your studio review with in wycoff four other
went out i i i think i think is saying that if you live in new york for you
interviewed for a job in l_a_
don't pretend you live in l_a_ uh...
which spent the most part is complaining i would you do that
with that you know if there's always reasons for these like that there's a
good reason for utilities lies
it's just that
that's why they tell you not to do it you could pick they're gonna off
knowledge can be the expense of this person will go into the lovely i've seen
departs hassen who's already here
i mean if there's a reason to have our basic here are some attitude 'cause
you're from
their staff
you know i think that's a good point because often employers to pay for
relocation expenses
when gyro love moved here from phoenix we paid for his immediate to pay for
small portions relocation expenses that because that's how we roll here if you
like to
is that the sizes sources
but uh... but you know that the corporation often get on care out that
if the persons qualified as a best candidate
dole pay that
seven thousand dollars moving across country to have to
but you can see if it's the securely job you don't want it
add any costs to hire
right but
and i think rather than the lie about it we keep what you should do is to say
and when would your anyway
or something along those lines right that art is set to be via
unwitting anyway because you know might buy a famine relocated here whatever may
be sure light line palatable
uh... or it is this a uh... what i have no intention of moving their there live
in l_a_ night in new york however i love this job so much that i'm willing to
make a sacrifice for you
then and then it comes to conclude off better way to get it
the second i think is the hardest
is the hardest once we'd be happy is more always tells
always had a fight with my own head over was
did you make promises expecting i hated that question taxes like what do you
expect a collection of how much i dash dot asst dot which i did a little too
high of course the lord with all this kind of with what is let's let's get a
little too low
says it all
this is a chance to get out
without somebody will address the factory floor is the worst question so
coming in
to to tell the truth each other when trying to get the step up
but it's a little t_v_ credits from the but amelia simmons particular closest
because that's the copies of this is a force that never
police i've never expect to happen
this is the world war i was always like formula
white house my bias on this issue is is is as follows
you shouldn't say
while the two thousand dollars i want to talk about whatever may be
the employer throught the number first
obvious bubbly she says
uh... is less important to me
when i make right away
was more important is that unified do well grows opportunities for growth into
both in terms of
compensation and in terms of moving up through the ranks
i think that communicates message that
you are on mature had
uh... that you are planning ahead
and that you are ambitious enough and self confident after believe in yourself
down the road creditor cash out of which is can at that moment we had a big if
they do give you a decent salad selected the skin
wave action not not work hard joycelyn i got the skirt i got was a great deal
known non-binding forecast how do you foresee employers given refers to as
they saw that this is the question of the day
sometimes it's was expected salary what do you want me unitedhealth
as usual enikku
you tell me he hated right now look at the back case uh... why most of the
legal positions that back
and i would have been applying for
uh... there is a market has established
it does arrange sources between one fifty and two fifty outright
two hundred
and say that i i i hope there's a bone structure in place out there is
other ways of compensating for the great job
now if you are going to feel borders absolutely no established uh...
salary were to be anything from thirty thousand two
eight hundred thousand
um... they need to correct brought a number that
that you think internally makes sense to you
and uh... and and emphasize that
the star salaries less important than opportunities for graduates of her life
yes well so i guess what would be from the employer's perspective
kanu can you give to higher the number where they're just with me or do you
think it's the employer for submitting on our employees want there to here in a
timely scum bags it looked weekend davis we really want to have you and the navy
they throw out the sweetener plate we think that he's there is you have a lot
of potential for growth et cetera
or can you actually it's for yourself over by saying i want you not
no you can't and whose is better dame higher that is the dot com
it's only backed aim high if you say thing that's so hardly sit in the
like you can't you know let's say secure apply for a job as uh...
as a video editor at two eighty
any demand is six hundred thousand dollars print
then you're just a delusional for when you're health and has nothing to do we
have to ask you everything you say after that i dot e here i was thinking you're
you're crazy person nearby
uh... but it is within a range of but
but how are you
that's ok bees as an employee what the best person
and he would go back until the sense that we like the the best one how are
but your salary promised to hide
the party flexible on that
but they say yes bingen negotiate a price
this was a very nice and warm
yet to come with such a a
i guess accomplished that
i'm only one thing sometimes is a copy is for people they're just good viewing
it like of the one thing the continued is a smaller things we all know that the
small states aside those things that go to movies being reversed part
tahoe with small things for the same up his life
disguises redneck do both but the same as far as the politicians up-to-date out
even escobar lawrence catherine's at but these ninety thousand yeah i mean i
don't know that sounds like a danger but uh... you know arm
best investor receptors his plan you have again you have to be
bt greedy breaches of these soft tissue areas


Job Interview: Should You Lie?

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Why Why 2013 年 3 月 27 日 に公開
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