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  • way to behave in an HST GT s.

  • Are you gonna do it?

  • Have you?

  • I love this thing.

  • I know it's not as polished as an M G o N M car, but it has a personality, all of its own and one that we have to celebrate because, sadly, we're not going to see another one is the last of the way great cars, the interiors a bit ropey, and the plastics are no good in The Last Supper.

  • Who cares?

  • It's bright green, and it's Alaric in Or was it a Bogan?

  • It might even be a Bogan.

  • You know, it's your bow of a car, one of those cars that feels enormous when you get in it.

  • 595 horsepower, 460 odd foot pounds.

  • A tall big, but it's quite nimble.

  • It's really well, so that you can tell it's Bean developed like a bunch of really know how to drive and enjoy.

  • Driving stops well to pretty much two tons of car.

  • It holds itself down very well, breaks a good grip, is good.

  • When you wanted to slide, you just don't think about it.

  • And what happened to go?

  • Just look at that.

way to behave in an HST GT s.


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