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  • Hey there.

  • I’m Joe Berlinger and I’m the director

  • ofExtremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

  • In this scene, Zac Efron is playing Ted Bundy.

  • Lily Collins plays his longtime girlfriend

  • who thought he was innocent, Elizabeth Kloepfer.

  • And they are about to adopt a dog.”

  • Hi, hello.”

  • They accidentally bump into Carole Anne Boone, somebody

  • who Bundy had interacted with at a job a few years back,

  • played brilliantly by Kaya Scodelario.”

  • Hi.

  • I’m Liz.”

  • Yes, this is my girlfriend.

  • We just got engaged, so — “

  • This movie is a portrait of betrayal and deception.

  • And I think there’s a lot of narrative work going on

  • in a very short scene.

  • Each person in this scene has their own agenda

  • and perceives Bundy in a different way.”

  • Whoever this woman is who’s accusing you,

  • I’m sure she’s just gotten you mixed up

  • with another handsome stranger.”

  • Right.”

  • And so we use a hallway that has

  • two intersecting corridors to make the characters feel

  • a little tense with each other.

  • And as Liz pulls Ted away, we see

  • in the deep background Carole Ann turn and look

  • and just stare as Ted and Liz continue to walk

  • towards the dog pound.”

  • Aww.

  • Check this guy out.

  • He looks like he’d be a good roommate.”

  • Ann Rule, who wroteThe Stranger Beside Me,” another

  • well-known book about the Bundy saga,

  • had a dog who loved everybody, but reacted quite negatively

  • to Ted.

  • And that’s a detail that I remembered and wanted

  • to inject into this film.

  • The fact that dogs, who are highly emotionally evolved,

  • saw the reality of who Ted was while, in this scene,

  • we see that each of the characters in some ways

  • are deceiving one another about their true intentions.”

  • [dog barking]

  • [dog growling]

  • [music]

Hey there.


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極めてウィキッド』でのテッド・バンディ役のザック・エフロンの魅力とは? (How Zac Efron Charms as Ted Bundy in ‘Extremely Wicked’ | Anatomy of a Scene)

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