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  • The planet is increasingly connected on Facebook.

  • More than 1.2 billion people actively use the Site each month on the web and, on mobile devices.

  • And it's this particular market that Facebook stept in with its latest purchase, WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp allows users to send text messages on phones for free making it extremely popular.

  • 450 million people currently use WhatsApp,

  • and it's growing rapidly by roughly 1 million new users each day.

  • Facebook has agreed to pay $16 billion for it,

  • a quarter of which in cash and the rest its stock.

  • WhatsApp founders will receive a further $3 billion worth of restricted stock,

  • bringing the overall deal to $19 billion.

  • This dwarfs some of its previous acquisitions.

  • including photos showing app Instagram and the face recognition platform,

  • In Silicon Valley where I am right now,

  • there are a lot of very smart entrepreneurs who are doing exciting things.

  • And often the most exciting project don't come from the big company,

  • but from the small startup.

  • Then, so the best way to get the talent is to acquire them,

  • usually not at that price tag but whatever it takes to get that kind of talent,

  • that kind of user base.

  • Now, although facebook says it will keep WhatsApp a separate service,

  • the purchase allows it to continue gathering valuable data from its customers,

  • which can eventually turned into revenue-generating services.

The planet is increasingly connected on Facebook.


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Facebook、メッセージングネットワークWhatsAppを190億ドルで買収 臉書砸天價190億美金買下WhatsApp (隱藏字幕) (Facebook to buy messaging network WhatsApp for $19 billion 臉書砸天價190億美金買下WhatsApp (隱藏字幕))

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