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today in Sunshine City because my sister gets to experience the booth.
Pretty excited.
I've been here in a long time, so there's so much new merchandise right now doing an Eva Lucien thing and just standing aside, I can't see so many new slushies people got, so I think they have.
You got it?
We're gonna have to check my friend Jackie and her husband.
Showing up is waiting for them to get here way.
Evey ones.
They're gone bad, these ones.
Which one would you want?
Probably Volpe.
I have the plus.
She already?
I don't, Uh, those three.
So you got accused?
Um, yeah.
Bigger ones might be 2000.
Thank you.
Just for the container.
They have cookies and stuff inside.
Wait, what's in these, uh, yo con?
It's like that jelly thing that that old lady bought us.
You don't know which one you're gonna get.
That's fun.
So pretty consolation way.
So you think 3000.
Oh, my God.
Look at these tiny razors.
I don't know how you would a race with the one I just want because they're so tiny.
This whole series is really cute, actually, you know, There's an E V event here today.
So you got bands?
Oh, yeah.
We should get one of them.
E like Mara would love this.
Last time I bought a squishy cushion like those Morrow stole it for these Haven't gone back.
Oh, my God.
So sloppy.
You see the glow Medical stickers.
So they have these really cute Sylvian pixelated T shirts.
But it's $90 but I don't know why.
This must be a famous clothing brand that I don't know.
There's another really cute one down here, but this one's a lot 100 32 were lining up now to take a group photo.
Get cost.
You way.
Wait until you get back to our Airbnb tonight and then we're gonna do a little hole.
How do you know what my sister Donna check in?
But I got a few things Really cute stuff right now.
I'm excited.
Way just filmed the video for her main chance.
It's an interesting like I look forward to that if you don't show like you've never seen Charlotte before.
Sister was craving for free and I love curry.
So no, no mixed vegetable curry.
I got lemon race, which is really good at house like cashew, not peanuts.
So tasty and then veggie curry.
Thio curry was so tasty.
I've been craving Indian food for so long keyboards that doesn't like it, so we never eat it when he's with a good opportunity to wear the same scent.
Another is a big game center here, and he calls round one on.
They're known for having easy to catch people's characters because if you have trouble doing it, you're not getting the prize.
You can ask shopkeeper to come over and place it in an easier position for you, and they're really nice about it.
Like this one time this guy place, it's just a touch it, and it would fall off like it was like wobbling.
And it was so nice.
So is little.
Ko came on like water like snow domes.
So you want the last Chris snails have these figure gremlins are actually the cutest?
We're inside.
He gave a pro station, now a Japanese sweets shop.
People are lining up, so it looks like it's a popular place.
I'm gonna grab a couple of things.
I got a little box of green tea ones and then one strawberry.
We're back in our Airbnb now.
This place is really nice.
It's a pretty old building, but it looks like they've renovated the inside were super close to give agro station two beds, a cute little tea set up over here table.
And it came with a WiFi unit that we can like take outside.
But that's if we wanted to us.
Let's go.
Yes, that's a TV.
We even tried to use it yet.
Bridge microwave Show.
How open is it seems bigger than a typical little apartment.
Might just be the shape of it.
Anyways, we went to 7 11 and got some teas and I got some bananas for the morning mist.
Stirred up some cheese breads the laster, the whole stay on and eat my each die who goo and show you guys What we got.
A Pokemon center smells so good.
The strawberry small.
So strong I can't wait to try this.
I've never had an expensive each eagle Dai fuku.
So let's see if it's anything better.
Strawberries so sweet.
The beam patients aren't good strawberry flavored.
I've never had that before.
It's pink.
That's usually like a really dark reddish, brownish color.
It was definitely strawberry flavor it.
Well, that's really good.
I can see why people were lining up for that place now.
Pokemon Center, filling this with my sister.
Okay, first thing I thought, probably the most exciting they have put him on nano blocks.
It's really tiny Lego figures you can put together, but these air blind bags So you don't know what It's okay when you got these are the ones that could be inside.
And there's one secret one which is fine.
So one for each of us will do these when we get back home.
Over 500 years, I was really cute Pair of bulbous or socks.
I needed some new cute socks, so these were perfect.
I love the colors and I love both of us, or I'm not sure how much these were a couple dollars.
Then I have to get a couple things from Joel Tian collection to give.
Jill Town is my favorite evolution, and I could not resist these cute Joel Dion dull stickers and pin and they weren't expensive.
Atal, think these were 400 something in on.
This was also 400 Dan and then maybe have out free headbands.
Everyone and you could choose which evolution you wanted.
Then I got this to try Leader.
It's a traditional Japanese sweet called Yo Con, but it's poking.
I've never seen these before.
I've never seen them selling these before, and I really like your cons.
I really want to try it.
This was only 200 yen then they were giving out these cute like I don't even know what this is for.
It's just a clear card could see through card And they all had different evolution's on for every 2000 yens.
Like every $20 you spent, you would get one.
So I got one of my sister, got one and Jackie got four.
There were some really cute ones that she traded me her jolt.
Uh, it was my mind with Sylviane, I think.
And that's it.
That was everything.
I got a cookie monster.
Let's go see where my sister.
Okay, so it's hard to pick my favorite evolution, but it's probably pouring.
So I went with that headband and I was wearing it when I went to the checkout, which I think is why she gave me the so should have worn my h l t.
I got it.
Anyway, um, then I got this from the Google machine.
The one I wanted.
I'm so happy.
You're lucky.
This is some kind of marker.
They had really cute colors.
Looks like a highlighter gets a highlighter, but then it has an eraser on the end.
So we'll try that at some point.
It's my favorite color highlighter.
This is, um, little note poaches You can put a letter in, and it comes with these stickers to seal them up.
Super cute.
Well, that doesn't help them.
So cute.
I didn't notice the almost cheaper for some reason.
And I like it a lot of great notebook.
Um, I really like this scene.
It reminds me of a scene from the enemy when there's, like, a rainbow bird flying cross this guy and it's just gorgeous.
The back and it's actually got a grid paper.
Oh, whoa.
This really cool.
And these are just some files, but they're gorgeous.
They're really cute from the new space collect.
So this one's like peek a chew and one of the new Pokemon with telescopes.
And this is a traitorous constellations looks cool.
And, Oh, how many files is the two fathers?
Okay, nice.
Nice score, Right, guys, I think I'm just gonna say good night here because we have to get up.
Tomorrow I'm gonna get my hair.
My roots touched up and get this orangey blonde tone of it.
There's a spider hanging in front of me.
No, it's rated between me and the camera.
Why did you choose this time, Thio?
No, anyways.
I guess I'm getting my hair biggest star.
That's what we're doing tomorrow.
So I might block might not post a picture on Instagram either way, So I'll see you guys somewhere.


Tokyo Pokemon Center Tour SUMMER 2017

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 25 日 に公開
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