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All right.
Welcome to the continuation of my last video.
If you missed out on the video, maybe go watch it to get a little bit of a backstory.
But because we were unable to attend any summer festival, Taylor and I have decided to create our own on her rooftop.
And it kind of worked up because I was planning on making a firework studio for you guys.
And now we can do that together.
And I think if you let the fun back to Don Quixote wear the ones I loathe Can't be Dragon Knights Wednesday.
They have, like, huge ones.
The ones like, yeah, scare me.
Even the cheap ones.
Don't you?
I think they're kind of like smoke bombs.
Different kind.
We're back home now.
The one good thing about they're not now.
It's really uncomfortable.
This is, like, the best feeling ever.
Oh, that's so nice.
Oh, breathe.
It's all set up.
We've got a cozy blanket to sit on some lights, some candles and t bedtime tease causes pre late now some apples on sticks and some other muhtadee esque foods.
And we're ready to do the fireworks.
There's so many different kinds I've actually only ever used thes one.
These are my favorite.
They're called Sin Cho Hana Bi Incense Fireworks.
They're so cute because you'll see these ones are my favorites.
Are they want you Hold on into your hand.
Thes ones you hold in your hand.
Do any of these like you have to shoot it up?
I'm assuming you hold them.
It looks like they're kind of like spark quiz of their allspark.
Those look like, you know, the ones that you have.
Like birthday parties.
These ones look like they shoot.
Yeah, and those ones also look like they shoot these g color.
Let's just pick a random one and try a missile.
It looks like you realize it's called Very red.
Very red, Super Red.
Let's do reasons First.
They're so cute.
Single Hana V.
They just want any packet.
No, there should be a few go.
These ones are so delicate, though it's kind of windy, So I don't know if we can do these ones.
You do it.
If you do it wrong, it falls off its it like it's slowly melts.
And you know what?
They're not dangerous at all.
They're like they're tiny.
Oh, so this is what the single Hana Bi look Li They have this tissue paper part at the top that you hold onto.
This is the part.
You late at the bottom.
Here we go.
Way go.
Little gluing.
Well, there we go there.
Taylor Taylor, come in.
That's not supposed to look like Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's so cute.
But it looks like bacteria.
Oh, beautiful for me.
Get it to burn pink.
But for food, break time, lifting some dango.
So we have met Tara.
She'd angle, which is like a sweet soy sauce on.
Then this one is being paste.
Um, these are made out of brown race or something.
Oh, there was something different about these ones.
The texture is different.
Oh, this tea is spicy, like the kind that makes you Okay.
Which one should we try next?
We have given us the pink one that I just did.
This one is white thing.
One says it's really pretty.
And there's not much smoke.
This is the scary really red one, huh?
It's nice that the white one suns touch pudgy this one like sparks like punch punch.
Eat and red.
Read this one's G color or G color.
No one's energy teller yet?
Cute little designs on them.
What do you think?
Yeah, why would make a green though?
Oh, no.
Oh, okay.
Oh, let's do this one.
Wait, let's try this on the Paci Paci ones.
Oh, can gonna do another Senko Hana bi up close or thinking Good focus.
There we go.
Yeah, I think that's Yeah, that's good.
And that cool love B Oh, they're just short.
Oh, oh, oh, just because it was getting good.
Yeah, about the good one success.
OK, so the trick is you gotta hold this thing.
Yeah, Even if it is windy, that works better.
Let's try the one that claims to have no smoke for like, just a little bit of smoke came ready, Gus, Can I goto key day and eat meter?
Kita Kita?
No, there is no I like this on.
These are nice.
They don't smell either And their little stars of the cute.
All right, time for the big finale.
Super Did the Naga good also Berio Patchy Patika tomorrow and I our hate Oh, this looks like Oh wow!
this is, like, really read instructions for a door.
With who?
Smoky one Theo Aftermath.
Oh, no, that was fun.
These are great.
This was only $10.
There's so many left.
You could play with these all night Was like a big group of friends.
Lots of people like to take them out to the beach.
It's probably the only option you have with you is an apartment or the part I see.
I will do it with the part.
All right, But that ends our our personal Not so much city.
It was great.
It was fun.
There were no people, no crowds.
I'm including We got we got to choose all the food we wanted to eat and play with fireworks, which is something you can't normally do out of festively.
Just watched.
Um, so that was great.
10 out of 10.
Best summer festival so far.
Oh, hopefully We'll get a chance to go to a natural one.
Here, Wolf.
You this morning, August, right?
The girl summer.
I'll be going on a weekend is better.
That's the key, probably.
All right, guys.
Thanks for watching.
And I will see you.


Best Way to Spend a Summer Night in Japan

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