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  • Ah, my name is Michaela.

  • And my back hurts so much from doing this yesterday.

  • Anyway.

  • So today I wanted to make a video about jobs in Japan.

  • One of the questions I get asked most frequently is when I find a job in Japan.

  • I don't know.

  • I don't know.

  • I don't know your situation.

  • I don't know what kind of person you are.

  • Are you someone who is willing to work a job that you don't like for the sake of supporting yourself?

  • Are you someone who is driven and hard working and, you know, clean cut and presentable?

  • Are you resourceful?

  • Are you able to find ways of making money on your own?

  • Can you speak Japanese?

  • Do you have any other skills that you can utilize?

  • Is it possible to find a job in Japan?

  • Absolutely.

  • Yes.

  • There are plenty of job opportunities for people, regardless of whether or not they speak Japanese.

  • Can you in particular find a job?

  • Well, ultimately, that depends on you.

  • When I went to a Japanese language school, we had a rule that for the 1st 3 months we were not love toe work.

  • So during those three months, there was no way for me to legally work in Japan.

  • But there was something that I had always done as a hobby.

  • I would go to specialist of hobby collectors shops, and I would look at things that were exclusive to Japan.

  • I would look at video games, but newest Pokemon release or Kingdom Hearts Final mix.

  • Or I would look at Blythe dolls and pull up dolls.

  • I would look at figures and the latest morning Moussa May or girl band goods.

  • For the 1st 3 months of Japanese language school, I was collecting collector goods and selling them over eBay.

  • I'm not saying this is something you should do, but I'm saying that when you're creative and you're resourceful, you can find ways to make money, no matter what.

  • The second job that I've had that I've always kind of had on and off is teaching English.

  • Although most people might disagree, English teaching is the entry level job for Western people in Japan.

  • The pay differs depending on things like your experience, your present ability, your likability, your qualifications and obviously the company itself and what their policies are teaching English and a company is great.

  • But What's even better is if you can manage to teach privately.

  • I made a video a long time ago about the class that I teach privately.

  • The good thing about this is that it's four times a month once a week, and that money comes to me directly.

  • I also do small jobs, like voice narration for English tests.

  • Let's go to the park.

  • Where are they going?

  • A pool Be the library received the park.

  • Once you've built up a reputation and people know you are, it's easier to get into these other jobs, such as voice narration or hosting events.

  • I'm seeing or, um, even modeling for a magazine.

  • If you can speak conversational Japanese, then you should have no problem working in places like Mr Donuts and McDonald's.

  • And, um, I've seen tons of foreign people working at these places.

  • The problem is that the money is quite low.

  • Bottom line, bottom line.

  • What I'm trying to say here is Can you find a job in Japan?

  • Absolutely.

  • I think that it is possible it is possible for you to make money in Japan, will you?

  • That is up to you.

  • I know it's scary.

  • Moving to a completely different culture where people might not understand you at all.

  • But if you have the balls to move to the other side of the world, then you are probably capable of taking care of yourself.

  • And if staying here is something that you want bad enough, you will make it work.

  • My back still hurts, so I'm probably just gonna lie down and wait to die.

  • So that's it.

  • Talk to you soon.

  • I talk to you soon.

  • Bye.

Ah, my name is Michaela.


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