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Hey guys!
Okay, welcome to the first part of my mail opening video.
I wanted to do this part with Taylor
because there's one package in here that I think is for the both of us.
I'm pretty sure it is because the person that sent it has been contacting me on Twitter
and she said she was sending something through iHerb for both me and Taylor
We'll get to that one in a minute.
But I really want to--Oh my god, it's
I really want to open this one because it's so heavy!
(S:) What could this possibly be? (T:) Where is it from? Japan?
(S:) Yeah.
Okay, I recognize the name. Thank you so much. Itsumo, arigatou gozaimasu (As always, thank you so very much!)
It says "Yamazaki", like it's an official Yamazaki box.
And it says, "Aki no oishi campaign 2016"
(T:) Fall yummy campaign!
(S:) Yeah... Hey, yeah!
There's a letter from Yamazaki
It says, "Gotousen no o shiase"
Um, like, notification of winning?
I don't... Did he, like, enter me in a contest and I won?
All right, let's quickly
*Taylor laughs*
Let's quickly read over it. Ugh, formal Japanese.
Oh okay, it says thank you for like entering our contest. From all of the entries, you were one of the chosen winners.
Okay. (Taylor:) What?! So I'm assuming that this guy entered the contest and he won
and he's sending me his prize
So that's, so that's so nice of you
It looks like it's a gigantic box of food!
The first thing is some poteko
Umashio aji salt flavor potato snack
These are so freaking good, they're deep fried rice crackers.
(T:) Are these the slightly sweet ones? (S:) Yeah, I think so.
They're so addictive, guys. This is dangerous, this is a big pack of them.
Some mini donuts
Those will go to Keyboard-san.
*Taylor laughs*
Ohh! Nure mochi
These are, like, soggy rice crackers?
That sounds so horrible, have you ever had them? (T:) Yeah, they're chewy.
(S:) Yeah they're chewy. (T:) And crunchy.
There's so many things. Some Caramel corn, milky candies--those are very famous candy in Japan
French toast flavored bread crusts, rusk.
More rice crackers, the deep fried ones, yumm
Salt flavored potato chips.
It's Peko-chan!
Oh, that's a really cute tin, I can use that for something after
There's cookies inside that one.
And here is the rest of the box!
That is insane.
So this is a product from iHerb and we already know
Well, I think we know that it's mascara.
Because she mentioned that she was gonna send some mascara from iHerb.
So that's all we know.
(T:) Yup, it's mascara. (S:) Oh, there's something else in there.
(S:) Wow, this is fancy looking mascara. (T:) Oh, what is that, like a shoe?
"Sexy Booster"...
"Physicians formula, Sexy Booster cat eye collection mascara"
"Infused with the scent of warm vanilla"
*chuckles* I never heard of a mascara that was vanilla scented. I like that.
Wait... "And pheromone-mimicking ingredients"...?
What?! "Including the ancient aphrodisiac horny goat weed"
(S:) "For sexy and seductive lashes" (T:) (sarcastically) That's exactly what I look for.
You can't go wrong with horny goat weed, let's smell it.
Oh, it smells amazing!
It really smells like vanilla extract.
Not horny goats.
*Taylor giggles*
(T:) Oh it's nice, it's not, like, (S:) It's really dark.
(T:) Yeah, and it's not clumping or anything.
(T:) Even though I already put mascara on
(S:) Yeah, that looks good.
(S:) Thank you so much! (T:) Do my lashes make you horny, baby?
Um, yes, give me that goat weed scent!
Thank you so much
(T:) I'll just scoot out of here because the rest are just for Sharla (S:) Thanks Taylor!
(T:) So I'm not gonna awkwardly sit here like I just sat through that box.
*Both laugh*
All right, okay let's open this one from London.
Oh man, you guys have the most difficult names to pronounce.
"Read this first."
You put it in, like, the perfect spot for me to find that.
Aww, "Hopefully this will reach you before 2017"
I'm sorry, it's a little late, but that's okay!
There's so many letters in here! What are these?
Thank you so much for the cute card.
And then there's a card for Maro and Luna
*Laughs* "Soo many tea bags!!!"
Thank you so much, I can always use more tea
I'm actually starting to run out.
Okay, the next one is from Marie in Sweden
(T:) (gasps) Sorry, the funniest thing just happened.
(T:) Someone drew a painting of our...
Somebody drew a fanart of our marshmallow
Yay, this is my favorite fan art yet
(T:) It's its own character
Who is this from?
Thank you, Jonathan, you're amazing!
*Both laugh*
These are so intricate, oh my god!
The ones my sister makes are not this tiny.
Aww, there's a Paras!
A Venamoth.
These. Are. So. Adorable.
I love, like, the chibi-ness of them.
Oh, Raichu!
She knows all my favorites!
Marie, these are amazing!
Ahh, and a Litten!
Yeah, I finally got a Litten!
Okay, woo!
Ooh, and some gummies! Thank you
I don't think I ever had a plain vanilla tea from Lipton
Really excited *sniffs* for that one
*Sniffs* Ohh, they smell so good.
Ooh, thank you so much, Marie!
And the last package I'm gonna open in Taylor's house is this one.
This is from Heidi in Texas, thank you Heidi!
Super cute cat card
*"O Christmas Tree" In the style of: Cats meowing*
Thank you so much for the sweet letter, Heidi!
Cute socks, oh my god!
Aww, it says Meowy X-mas.They're cat Christmas socks.
Oh, and they're long! I love long socks.
All right, I'll see you guys back at my house for the rest of my mail opening video.
Bye for now!
I just got home. Keyboard-san's making us some dinner,
and I'm gonna put my new magnets on the fridge.
So cute.
Maro, there was a Christmas card for you. You wanna see it?
I think it's... this one!
Here you are
Are you happy? It's your first Christmas card
Yeah, it's for you.
Luna, this one's for you.
Luna, here.
Here, it's for you.
Hey guys, I'm back at my house now. Welcome to part two of my mail opening video!
My Akibento also came this week so I'm going to open my December Akibento first.
The theme for the December 2016 Akibento box was Harmony.
So let's see which anime items they chose to represent 'harmony' this month
There's so much cat hair on this box
Maro, are you excited for your new box?
Um. Yes.
It's a new bed for you.
Ooh, I can see the t-shirt! The t-shirt's cute! Is that Hatsune Miku? Aww.
It's Hatsune Miku and Nico from Love Live! That's really cute.
The last t-shirt I got from Akibento was pretty dark, so I'm liking the bright color of this.
If you're new to Akibento, it is a monthly subscription box that sends you a box full of anime goods every month.
And it's always a surprise on what's gonna be in here.
I see another Hatsune Miku thing.
A Mini Pop! keychain. I love the color of her hair.
Oh, and another Pop! figure. They always give you a Pop! figure in each box.
I thought that this might count as it but it looks like you get two this month:
A full-size figure of Asuna from Sword Art Online
I really like collecting these dolls.
They're in such a cute small shaped box that's really easy to stack them on a shelf.
Aww, they sent me a Christmas card.
Thank you so much, Emily and the rest of the Akibento team! You guys are awesome.
Okay, let's open the Akibento exclusive item
This one's always my favorite because it's always something really exciting and original.
Ooh, what's that?
It's headphones.
Nice, big, squishy kind
This is really cute. I actually have not seen Love Live! Lots of people seem to be very obsessed with it.
Maybe I should watch it. I did try playing that phone game, but I just couldn't get into it.
However, the characters are really cute and I think they would be really fun to cosplay.
How do you like them?
Not a fan?
Not a Love Live! fan?
A mouse pad?!
You guys know exactly what I want!
I have absolutely no idea which anime this is from. Please enlighten me.
I'm so happy to have a new mousepad.
It was a struggle using my mouse on my desk without one
The monthly pin for December is Sword Art Online themed.
Oh, and we didn't look at the info card. This is always one of my favorite parts
because they do a really good job at designing them.
That's super cute, that would make a cute Christmas card if you cut it out and like glue it to something.
DIY! And it tells you a little bit about each item that was included in the box.
So that was the December 2016 Akibento
This box was really cute
Okay, moving on to the rest of my packages.
I should probably get some scissors.
'K I'm back now with scissors... and a Luna! Luna came back with me.
Luna, come here.
Luna, maybe there's something here for you!
This is from California
Aww, I already see really cute stickers!
That's adorable!
It's a freaking Godzilla card! Is that Godzilla and King Kong?
And it says "peace" and they're holding hands!
Oh no, she came to Tokyo and she sent me a package while she was in Tokyo.
But the postal service sent it to her return address in Los Angeles instead of sending it to me here in Japan.
So she sent it again, so that's what this is.
It made it to me!
Oh, I'm so sorry about all the trouble you had to go through to get it here
That is so silly of them.
Thank you so much, Abby! I really love this card. I'm gonna frame that.
That's gonna look really nice in a frame.
*Loud boxes falling*
Oh my god, what was that?
What is this?
I love it!
You know me so well, you know I love roses and gray!
Aww, this t-shirt's really awesome, thank you Abby!
Next, we have a nengajo.
I think this is the only one I received this year. This is from my friend, Mii-chan. Arigatou! Thank you so much!
These are something that Japanese people send to their friends and their coworkers and their family on New Years.
It's.. You can kind of think of it like how we do Christmas cards.
In Japan, they do that with New Years greetings.
So this is a New Years nengajou.
You will often see these numbers at the bottom of a nengajou
and that is for a lottery. You might win some money from the post office.
You can check the results there.
They will draw on the 15th of this month which is tomorrow, so maybe I'm a millionaire
I don't think it's that big of money, I think it's only a couple thousand (yen) or something, if I'm correct.
I never taken part in it before.
Next is another package from a friend. This one is from Beckii, Beckii Cruel
I'm not sure if you guys know her on YouTube. If you don't, you should go follow her, she's a really lovely and beautiful girl.
And she's so so sweet. And I think she sent me some pieces from her store.
She designs clothes and accessories.
Aww, what is this?
Oh my god, what a cute little notepad!
Yes! it's a gorgeous velvet choker with her name "Cruel" on it.
You can be seeing me wearing this in my videos. I freaking love chokers. Thank you so much, Beckii!
I link her website down below if you are interested in checking out her other stuff.
Next, we have a letter from Angel!
I was expecting this one
Because she Tweeted me about it.
Okay, you win for best decorated letter, Angel.
Thank you so much, Angel. This letter's adorable!
Next, we have a letter from Ontario. Woo! Canada!
Renee wants some advice on moving to Japan
And I usually say the same thing to most people
I really recommend coming here as a student or on a working holiday.
If you're a Canadian, you can get a working holiday visa
And you can come here for a year
And you don't need to have a job set up
You don't need to have a school set up or anything.
All you would have to do is save up the money to make sure you have enough money to support yourself
While you're here. But you don't need to prove that you have a job or anything.
You can just come here and find work from there
Or you can spend the time travelling and studying a bit.
It really gives you like a free year to do what you want
And the working holiday visa is so awesome and relaxing
You're not pressured to go to work full-time
Or go to school full-time or anything like that.
So, if you are under 30, I believe, you can apply for that.
And it's super easy to get
There aren't very many requirements at all
Just look up "working holiday visa in Japan.. Canadian" online
And you'll see all that's required
Or you could apply for a language school
Or a university here and you could get a student visa.
Fairly easy as well.
I really recommend doing either of those
I think that will be the easiest for you.
Next, is a letter from California!
Aw, she was watching Vlogmas Day 9 as she wrote this.
Aww, that's so cute that your friend watched my videos as well!
Please say "hi!" to her for me!
Aww, thanks so much, Paige!
Ooh! You're planning on moving to Canada!
Maybe I'll see you in Canada then!
I'll be there eventually too. Go to the west coast, it's the best!
I recognize this name, next is from Sarah!
Look at that cat!
Aww, thank you so much Sarah. What a cute card!
And... 111 cat stickers!
Next, is from Stacy in Indianapolis.
Thank you so much, Stacy!
That's really cute!
This letter really stood out to me when I went and picked up my mail.
Look at the beautiful way the address is written.
That is so cute
This is from Emily.. Ama.. Amelie?
In Sweden.
Ooh! I see tea!
They're Moomin teas!
These are so cute!
"Banana and vanilla"
"Chocolate cake"!
"Lemon cheesecake"
I know that one's going to be good
'cause I'm obsessed with the lemon tea that I have.
"Strawberry milkshake"!? Oh my god, these teas sound amazing!
Aww! That you so much, Amelie.. Emily *laughs*
Hopefully one of those is right!
I really appreciate it!
Next, is a big box of goodies from my friend Jessica!
Oh my god! I've been waiting for this for a long time!
I'm so happy that I can finally get it!
Oh my goodness! She's like stuffed this thing.
Thank you so much, Jessica!
Oh my god, is this fake fua.. I don't know how to say it
Foie gras? Fua? The.. the gross thing you guys were telling me about it.
It was in my, umm, my cat lucky bag video
And you guys were telling me how they make real foie gras and it sounded so gross!
I've never had it before, I don't even want to feed that to my cats now
That just sounds horrible in lots of ways
But this is a fake one!
Made out of... Oh man, it's in several languages
And I cannot read any of them
But it's vegan!
I guess it's just gonna be a surprise!
*Laughs* That'll be really interesting!
I just got some crackers, so I'm going to spread it on that
'cause I guess that's what you do with foie gras.
And I'm gonna try it!
Maybe I'll try that in a video
I'll just like gather a bunch of really strange vegan foods and try them in a video.
That would be fun.
I thought this was granola!
But it's soy protein!
That will come in handy for lots of recipes.
"Mixed Veggie Crisps - Broccoli and Pumpkin"
Two of my favorite things!
Oh. My. God. Are you serious?
You found a vegan version of these?!
These are my favorite!
These are so good!
I think they're called like stroopwafels or something
Um, in Dutch.
Please fix my pronunciation
But they are these little like maple syrup flavored cookies/waffle things
They're so freaking good!
I can't wait to eat these, but I don't want to eat them because then they'll be gone!
*Sniffs* Yaasss!
That'll be great for the winter.
Thank you so much, Jessica.
You really took a lot of time to go out and pick all of my favorites
And some new things for me to try and I really appreciate it.
And I'm gonna enjoy each and every one of these starting tonight 'cause they look really yummy!
Mmkay! Next, we have a letter from.. doesn't say! No return address!
Aww, what a cute card!
From... Tottie. Am I saying that right?
"I'm really enjoying your vlogmas videos". Thank you so much!
This one is from Texas.
Another really cute envelope.
Ooh, your writing's cute!
This is like how I imagine my writing to be, then I try and it doesn't look like this.
My camera just cut off and I don't know where I was
But I'm ready a letter from Coco!
And she told me she is currently writing a sci fi story
And the title sounds really epic.
Good luck with that! I am so jealous of people that can write well
'Cause that's one thing I'm really bad at.
Okay, polaroids of your guys' pets are my new favorite thing!
Next, is a package from Hungary!
Ah! I see some traditional Hungarian designs!
Hi Kata! Oh my god, you're so pretty!
*Laughs* She said she was laughing so much at the old people in the lángos stand
Because they were questioning each other why they were not in church yesterday.
So typical! Um, if you guys missed that vlog I think it's called: Hungarian Food is the Best Food.
And I'm at the fair and I'm eating lángos, which is a Hungarian food
And there were some Hungarian people working at the stand
And they were talking in the background in Hungarian
It's really funny to hear what they were saying, I had no idea!
Oh my god, I wanna make this right now!
Mushrooms, onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of flour, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, paprika
Vegan pasta and pickles.
I totally have all of those ingredients
Maybe i'll make this for dinner tonight.
What a beautiful tea container.
I don't wanna use this! It looks so pretty, I just wanna keep it on my shelf!
Is this paprika?!
The real thing! Paprika from Hungary!
Thank you so much! I will use that in that recipe.
Traditionally designed Hungarian spoon with some hand paintings on it.
That is so pretty.
Oh my god. So apparently this a dark chocolate coated marzipan ball
Filled with an alcohol cherry.
Aah! I can't wait to eat it!
I wish my Christmas tree was still up so I could put it on there
It says Hungary on the back.
And a little doily with traditional Hungarian embroidery.
This box made me so happy!
It reminded me so much of home.
Thank you so much, Kata!
Next, is a card from Washington.
Aw, I'm so glad.
She said "thank you so much for featuring so many of your friends in your videos"
"I've watched your videos for years and now I have so many other fantastic YouTubers to watch."
Thank you so much, Jeanette!
Your writing is so pretty. I wish I could write cursive like that. It's just a mess when I do it!
Let's see if we can get one more package in before my battery dies!
Don't die, don't die!
Oh my god, this has really cute cat tape on it!
This is from Kira in America.
Aah, what is this?! It's so cute!
Oh my god! Oh my god, aah! Thank you so much!
Oh, you're the one that gave the sticker to Taylor, aren't you!
Aaw, thank you so much!
Oh, is this your own shop?
She has her own shop at shopkirakira.com
Where I'm assuming you can buy these freaking adorable Totoro Neko Atsume stickers.
I love these!
Look at this pen case!
It's the same pattern that was on the washi tape
On the envelope. *laughs* It's so cute.
Aw man, thank you so much Kira.
I really love your work.
You guys, go to her shop and check out these things
'Cause these are so cute!
This one is from L.A.!
Another one from L.A.
Claire in L.A.
*Gasp* Scratch and sniff?!
Totally forgot that scratch and sniff stickers existed.
Oh my god.
I would have been happy with just those.
I wonder if the people at the post office scratched them
I totally would have if I was working there.
She wants me to make a video about my favorite things to do it Japan.
I really find it hard to make videos that are like collecting everything I really like to do
Or everything I really like to eat or something
'Cause I feel like I'm always going to miss something
But I could definitely make a video
Chatting about some of my favorite spots to visit in Tokyo.
Thank you so much, Claire.
That's a really cute card.
This one is from Wisconsin.
Thank you Carrie and family!
I really appreciate that!
This next package is from Australia.
It's one of those easy open ones. Sweet!
What a pretty letter!
Aww, she has an Etsy shop
And she said "If you guys want to get anything..."
She made a special code for you guys
So you can type in "sharmander" at checkout and you'll get 10% off.
Oh that's so nice, Monica, thank you.
And she sent me one of her products
What an adorable tote bag!
This is officially the cutest tote bag I've ever seen.
She said she created it for people that are studying either Japanese
Or Japanese people studying English.
All the body parts listed on the tote bag
And look at how cute the drawing is!
The inside is super cute as well
And it's got her tag here.
This is so well made and it's so freakin' adorable!
Thank you so much!
I link her shop down below in the description box
If you guys are interested in checking it out.
I can't get over how talented you all are!
Next is from Phil! Another familiar name.
What is this?!
It's a little cat clip.
That's such a cute design! It's got the three stripes so it looks like Luna.
"I have recently designed this new fashion accessory
That I'm calling collar hangers or collar clips, I can't decide."
"The idea is that they hang from the collar of your shirt"
I will link his shop down below as well.
Thank you so much, Phil!
You could also clip on like the side of a tote bag
Or something as well.
Cutest cat card ever!
Another familiar name. This is from Tom.
I see sparkles. Shiny as fuck!
Thank you Tom and Becky, I miss you guys so much!
You gotta come back to Japan soon, I had so much fun with them when they were here.
I made a video with them! I'll also link that in the description box.
It was a really cool day at Nakano Broadway
I showed them around. That was lots of fun.
Hello Kitty sticker!
Aww, you guys pick the cutest cards.
Aww, I will definitely check out your YouTube channel.
She said shes be playing percussion, she studies percussion
And she's been playing for 14 years
And she has a YouTube channel called Marimba Marcy
Where she performs
Thank you so much!
And the last package!
And according to the postage form thingy on the front
It says it's vegan friendly snacks.
It's a box of vegan friendly snacks
From... Canada!
From Vancouver actually, which is super close to my hometown.
Is this potpourri? I was really thinking that I wanted some.
This is going to look so freaking pretty
Ooh, I wonder what it smells like? Is it vanilla? Yaass.
Let's open the card first.
Oh my god, it's a pancake card.
Kate, you have the cutest writing!
Ah, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie-themed bar!
That place was so fun.
Thank you so much, Kate!
*gasps* Earl Grey!
Oh my god! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
What is this? It's a "London Fog" powder!
Oh my god, no way! Aah! I'm totally making this right now!
This makes me so happy!
London Fogs are my favorite drinks from Canada
Whenever I went to a cafe I would get one and...
They don't really have them here in Japan.
I'm sure you could ask for an Earl Grey latte
With some vanilla or something in it, maybe.
But it's definitely not on the menu
So this is so awesome! Thank you so much.
Hemp seeds!
Oh my god! Ah, no way!
Ah, thank you so much!
Yes! My oatmeal is going to taste a million times better.
If you guys have never tried hemp seeds
"Hemp hearts" they're called sometimes
I think it's the same thing
Go get some right now.
If you like oatmeal, especially, because they taste super yummy in oatmeal.
Umm, where else could you put these?
In anything really. They just add lots of nutrition to your food.
Thank you so much, Kate!
That was so kind of you and you knew like my favorite things and I can't wait to try these!
Alright guys! I think that the mail opening is over!
Luna's excited to play in my pile of goodies
Aren't you Luna? *Laughs*
Go for it, just don't eat anything!
Really big thank you to all of you guys
Who took the time to send me things and write me letters.
I really love reading your letters.
This totally made my day
It was like.. It was even better than Christmas
It's like a second Christmas, it's even better than Christmas!
I am so spoiled and I really appreciate it, you guys!
If anyone's still watching, thank you so much for watching this super long video.
And I hope it was at least slightly entertaining for you.
Please give this video a thumbs up☺
If you enjoyed it!
It actually helps out my channel if you leave likes on my videos, so I really appreciate it.
If you didn't like it, you can give it a thumbs down too, though.
That's okay, I'm not forcing anyone to give it a thumbs up!
And I'll see you guys soon!
Thanks for watching! Bye!!
♪ ♫ Outro Music ♪ ♫
*We love you, Sharla!*


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