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  • It is an astonishing allegation that two months after this official Saudi photograph, the Saudi crown princes, what's up account was used?

  • Toa hack the phone of Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man.

  • In the spring of 2018.

  • The pair exchanged phone numbers after the crown prince visited Bezos's newspaper, The Washington Post.

  • Six months earlier, this Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, had begun writing articles for the paper articles highly critical of the crown prince.

  • Welcome.

  • Forensic experts working for Bezos now say with medium to high confidence that the crown prince was directly involved in hacking his phone.

  • In October 2018 Cash Auggie was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

  • The hit squad involved was drawn from Saudi intelligence on the crown prince, his own royal guard.

  • The Washington Post naturally investigated and demanded an explanation.

  • And then details of Bezos's private life mysteriously appeared in the American tabloid press.

  • Thea Amazon, founder, agreed to a $35 billion settlement with Mrs Bezos as the world's most expensive divorce.

  • Not long after his divorce was announced, Mr Bezos received this out of the blue text from the Saudi crown.

  • Princes whats app account Jeff or what you hear or told to.

  • It's not true, and it's matter of time till you know the truth.

  • There is nothing against you or Amazon from me or Saudi Arabia.

  • But Bazaars was determined to get to the bottom of the phone hack as well as the murder of his Washington Post columnist, giving this message to cash out juice, heartbroken fiance in Istanbul last year.

  • It is unimaginable, and you need to know that you are in our hearts.

  • The Saudis are believed to have spent around $60 million on spyware from this Israeli company, the NSO Group, which is being sued by WHATS app but which says it helps governments fight crime and terrorism.

  • Only last week, Amnesty International went to court in Tel Aviv to try and stop en eso exports.

  • Amnesty claims it, too, was subject to a phone hack.

  • In 2018 Omar Abdel Aziz, a Saudi dissident in Canada, claims his phone was hacked as well.

  • He exchanged hundreds of texts with his friend Jamal Khashoggi, and fears they may have led to the journalist murder.

  • God help us catch, AKI wrote when he found out about the alleged phone hack.

  • This'd afternoon to U.

  • N.

  • Reporters, including Agnes Kalamata, who's investigated the cash.

  • Oggi case, said they were gravely concerned about the alleged hack of Jeff Bezos, his phone, and they demanded an immediate investigation by the Americans and others.

  • The information we have received suggests the possible involvement of the crown prince and surveillance of Mr Bezos in an effort to influence, if not silence, The Washington Post reporting on Saudi Arabia These allegations a relevant as well to ongoing evaluation of claims about the crown prince's involvement in the 2018 murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

  • Well, I think absurd is exactly the right word.

  • The idea that the conference would hack Jeff Beezus his phone is absolutely silly on Dhe.

  • My understanding of the U.

  • N.

  • Report.

  • It's not actually reporters.

  • A statement based on a report by a private company that has not been vetted violin, different agency and that has in its in its own conclusions, no hard evidence to substantiate the claims it's making.

  • Investigators working for the Amazon founder believed this man probably procured the spy technology.

  • He's the crown prince, is former media advisor, also described by the US government, is part of the operation, which led took a shock.

  • Jeez, killing.

  • Still, the crown prince was literally center stage at last year's G 20 summit on with no government prepared to back a full U.

  • N investigation.

  • He's also on course to host this year's G 20 event.

  • Well, I've been speaking to the Arab human rights activist and writer.

  • I had al Baghdadi via the Internet from Oslo.

  • He's been investigating this hack with the best security team, and I began by asking him what they discovered.

  • There are certain private exchanges and, you know, there was a certain file that was sent from, uh, NBS is what step number?

  • What's up?

  • Account to Jeff Bezos on the first of May, and it just happened that right after that, we see evidence that Jeff Basis phone starts behaving in a very, very different way, and there's massive amounts of data that are being sent out from the phone, you know, gigabytes of data.

  • And if you put it in a picture, be beyond that.

  • We see that over the next few weeks there are multiple Saudi dissidents and journalists and even a researcher at Amnesty who are also hit with hacks.

  • They're the phones are also hacked around the same period of time.

  • And then we see that on November.

  • I believe it was November 7th.

  • Uh, this is, you know, a little over a month after the murder.

  • A message is sent from NBS to Jeff Bezos, Simply saying, I know about your affair.

  • Um, and this was one off several messages that seemed to, you know, that kind of, really, There's no other interpretation that other than the fact that NBS had access to private communications, Of course, what we don't know is that it was NBS using the phone.

  • It could have been, you know, star ful, Saudi intelligence sources.

  • So nobody nobody was sitting with NBS in the room.

  • So nobody can actually say that they have direct evidence that it was MPs who pressed the button.

  • But what we know is that the reason why Jeff Bezos, you know, being a smart man as he is, he would not just click on any random links.

  • And from a random number, the reason why he would actually click on such a link is because it was sent by a head of state.

  • Who here he had just met a few weeks ago, a few days ago.

  • It doesn't make sense, though.

  • Doesn't for Saudi Arabia toe?

  • Want to alienate a massive business tycoon like Jeff Bezos?

  • What?

  • Why do you think they would want to do this?

  • Well, it's beyond that.

  • It's really the fact that Jeff Bezos, being the owner of The Washington Post, is ultimately the boss off the Malka, Shuji and NBS.

  • And again, this is something we can see clearly from Saudi.

  • This information network um nds was very annoyed by the fact that Jeff Bezos would not curb The Washington Post he would not actually limit.

  • The Washington Post covers Get seeing how he is the owner after roll off course.

  • It does not make sense for them to alienate the richest man in the world, but again, it doesn't mean it doesn't make sense to them to actually kill in this member of journalists in a consulate in their own consulate.

  • There's a lot of things about saturated the modern Saudi Arabia that doesn't that don't make a lot of sense.

It is an astonishing allegation that two months after this official Saudi photograph, the Saudi crown princes, what's up account was used?


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