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  • ♀R: Hey guys! Today I'm here with GaijinShane and Japan with Regan. I will link to them

  • down in the description. Watch their videos! They're awesome! And we're doing another challenge.

  • We're going to be doing a wasabi roulette. Right now as we speak, Jun is making onigiri.

  • ♂R: In Jun's famous Jun's Kitchen! ♀R: In Jun's Kitchen!

  • ♂R: This is an experience. S: Jun's Kitchen!

  • ♀R: We're going to be making little balls of rice and one of them will have a wasabi

  • filling. We won't know who. ♂R: DUN DUN DUN

  • S: I'm freaked out. ♂R: Hopefully it's Shane.

  • S: If this is rigged to be me... ♂R: We've conspired secretly. How much wasabi

  • are we talking about? ♀R: It needs to be a good amount.

  • ♂R: A secret amount. ♀R: A secret amount of wasabi.

  • S: We don't discuss that. ♀R: The camera will know. Jun will know.

  • And I'll know because I'm behind the camera. ♂R: So Shane and I won't know.

  • ♀R: So, we took a couple packets of wasabi from Kappazushi yesterday.

  • ♀R: Oh my god... ♀R: Well, speaking now for Jun, myself,

  • and the camera, it's a lot of wasabi. ♂R: It's a lot of wasabi?

  • S: Omg, I'm so nervous. ♀R: All right... now we just wait.

  • S: I'm freaking out! ♂R: Jun's got a massive smile on his face.

  • ♀R: So we have three rows of wasabi balls. We're going to do this three times. And since

  • Jun made them, someone needs to reorganize them so he doesn't know which one the wasabi

  • is in. ♀R: All right. You two! As long as you keep

  • them in the same row, then just move them around.

  • ♂R: Yep! Shane, go for it. S: I am horrible with chopsticks.

  • ♀R: So as long as they stay in the same row.

  • S: It doesn't even like mix up. ♀R: You're just wiggling them on the plate.

  • They'll stay in the same spot. ♂R: Jun will think they're mixed up. But

  • really, they're not. ♀R: Ooh, they're sticky.

  • ♂R: Beautiful. S: Omg I'm so nervous.

  • J: Should I get rice bowls? ♀R: No, just sit down.

  • S: Let's do this! S: I feel like we're going to see it on his

  • face: he knows. ♀R: But we're all going to pick ours up

  • and put them in our mouths at the same time. ♀R: All right.

  • ♂R: And it's not bite... you inhale. ♀R: You eat the whole thing.

  • ♀R: First row first! S: I choose you.

  • ♀R: I choose you. ♂R: I choose you.

  • J: Good luck with that. ♂R: Shut up.

  • ♂R: Three... two... one. Go!

  • S: All I do is win win, win no matter what!

  • ♂R: All rice! S: Wassap.

  • ♂R: Jun, this is delicious. S: Jun, this was your idea.

  • ♂R: This is the best rice I've ever had. S: It's so good.

  • ♂R: How's yours? S: How's your rice?

  • ♂R: Okay, that's one down. S: Wassuuup!

  • ♀R: All right! ♂R: Ready? I choose you.

  • S: DAMNIT I was going to choose you! ♀R: Okay...

  • ♂R: Well, if this turns out to be wasabi... S: I feel like this is the wasabi one.

  • ♂R: Three... two... one...

  • ♂R: Rice, bitch!

  • ♂R: Jun, can you hurry up? Quit wasting time.

  • S: Poor Jun. We made him make them, and now he's suffering for it.

  • ♂R: Round three! ♀R: He spent like half an hour making these

  • for us. S: Let's do this.

  • ♂R: Three, two, one! ♀R: Oh please no.

  • ♂R: YES! ♀R: Oh noooo...

  • S: This isn't that bad. ♂R: Water? You good? Well done.

  • S: That worked out well for me. ♂R: Best challenge ever!

  • J: I know, right. I know how you feel.

  • ♀R: All right...

  • ♂R: Thank you very much. For the rice. It was a bit bland...

  • S: Yeah, I think it was missing something... wasabi-like. A little bit spicier.

  • ♂R: Thank you very much for inviting us over. It was fantastic.

  • S: Very challenge-like. ♀R: That was a fun game. Thanks for watching,

  • guys! ♂R: Thank you!

  • S: Bye bye! ♂R: See you's later!

  • ♂R: Wow, I am so relieved. SO relieved. S: I cannot believe we avoided that.

♀R: Hey guys! Today I'm here with GaijinShane and Japan with Regan. I will link to them


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Wasabi roulette challenge! わさびルーレット (Wasabi roulette challenge! わさびルーレット)

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