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I'm here in Killian's workshop in Hollywood.
This is Killian.
You have been training people for a number of years.
In the art, the craft of commercial work.
I've been doing it for about nine years, teaching people how to book commercials and to audition properly.
I feel I could learn.
and I feel my late night career has held me back on the commercial work.
I would agree.
What I would like to do now is on the weekends,
I have kids and a wife, but you know, there's friction there so maybe on the weekends I could book commercials?
Yeah, exactly. Yes!
Let's just see one and see what you do.
What’s your name?
My name is Conan O'Brien.
And action!
I have a question about seafood.
About shrimp.
If you say, 21 shrimp,
Is it 21 shrimp
or 21 shrimps?
I got to know because there is this great-tasting dinner deal going on at the international house of pancakes.
Delicious deep sea dinner deal.
What if I I’m going to decide to have the fish and shrimp deal?
Do I say fish and shrimp?
Or fish and shrimp..s?
So how you feel?
Not great.
I'd agree.
You would agree?
I’d agree.
I mean it wasn't bad-bad.
Wow! Ah, okay.
I thought I’d say that I didn’t feel great
And I thought you were going to say don't be crazy, that was great.
That's correct.
I'm not saying that.
Be honest with me.
What was wrong?
Not that there was anything wrong.
It just wasn't right.
You know what I’m saying?
So like…
You look up wrong in the dictionary, it says not right.
But when I saw it is not so.
Ah... Not really.
What’s your name?
I'm like a cat that’s ready to pounce.
See now they’ve recorded that and another client hears that.
Clients just heard that I'm an incredibly eager coiled feline.
That’s okay.I don't mind the client hearing that.
I'm going to cut at this moment.
I’m gonna relate.
What's your name?
Captain who is ready to spring, Conan O'Brien.
And action!
I got this question about seafood.
About shrimp.
If it says 21 shrimp is it 21 shrimp or 21 shrimps?
I got to know because there is this great-tasting dinner deal going on right now at the international house of pancakes.
So why would the international house of pancakes say that they will have a shrimp deal?
Can I cut?
It’s too much hands.
Awkward when it comes to commercials.
What's wrong with me using my hands?
I'm not saying be robot guy.
But if you take that energy and bring it into your body -- ready?
You’re gonna do a turn?
Yah, I'm going to do a turn.
We can try that.
We don't really do that in commercial auditions.
Let’s see what happens for you.
You know what, can I make one suggestion to you?
Start trying stuff.
I have a question about seafood shrimp.
If I say 21 shrimp,
Is it 21 shrimp or 21 shrimps?
I got to know because there is this great-tasting dinner deal going on right now at the international house of pancakes.
I need to know!
Ohh, I was trying to go fast.
I saw.
To make room for the pause that I took.
How did that work?
Well, you know how it work,
So you’re asking how that work?
It’s a dick move!
So, we both know that didn’t go well.
Please help me.
So now let’s get to work!
What is really going on in the scene?
Someone is wondering, is it shrimp or shrimps.
That’s right! And why is that important in his life?
I guess he has a neurological disorder.
Like an Obsessive-Compulsive
It's such a great deal he doesn't want it to get it wrong.
Does that work with you a lot like the or?
Just saying the “or” emphasizes other points of view.
It could be all those negative things.
It's annoying.
OK.I have a question about seafood and shrimp.
If you say 21 shrimp, is it 21 shrimp or 21 shrimps?
I got to know coz’ there is this great-tasting dinner going on at the international house of pancakes of delicious deep sea dinner deal,with 21 cycle of shrimp or is It shrimps?
They also have another tasty deal, a fish and shrimp dinner,with Lots of fish or lots of shrimp or shrimps.
Pain getting worse!
What if I’m going to decide to have the fish and shrimp deal?
Do I say fish and shrimp or fish and shrimps?
And I can't satisfy my wife or hold a job!
Irritated to kill me!
What’s your name?
You know my name.
We’re moving on to the next phase.
What is this called?
It’s called the bite and smile.
So, you bite into it and you smile.
And the line is wow, Greg, this burger is amazing.
Wow, Greg?
Who is Greg?
Greg is whoever you want it to be in the scene.
Okay, but not my male lover?
Well, you can have any back story you’d like.
What if I’m someone who just recently discovered he was gay, realized he was gay and I now I’m with Greg
and he’s completely changed my life just maybe of this burger and I’m biting into it and it stands for a life –
A bite of Greg?
Yes, in a sense.
Last night, I took a bite of Greg…
It shouldn't matter what my relationship to Greg is.
It really shouldn’t.
In life it shouldn't.
I agree with you!
Yeah, action!
Okay action and Greg’s my lover.
When you tell the audience what's happening that's called indicating.
But let them know exactly what is going on.
I never took an acting class, but I would think it would be hello -- when I'm watching a movie I would appreciate it if a character came out and said "hello, I'm evil.”
Well, well, well.
That would help.
They don't do that.
They don't do that enough because that's called indicating because most people can figure out who the evil one is.
That's part of the fun and mystery of going to the movies.
Well, you use your turn signals, you avoid an accident.
Bite into it. Greg is my lover.
We had sex last night.
Well, that’s my backstory.
Now I'm a new man.
Have not called the wife yet.
Still have the wedding ring.
I noticed that.
But I'm going to call her.
Now I'm with Greg,
And I had sex with Greg.
I love Greg.
That's a really great burger, Greg.
We want to have the eyes up.
We didn't really see the eyes as you bit.
They were closed.
I'll try to open my eyes.
Okay, it's not me, it's the client.
So the client was…
That's what the Germans said.
The client wants it, the client will get it!
If the camera can't see your eyes, the camera can't see the story.
So the eyes tell the story.
I'm a little insecure.
You've got nice eyes.
I have beady little creepy –
Well, when you do that –
Burger, burger.
There’s a lot of…
I look like a rat right now.
Yes, so we’re trying to avoid that.
OK, let's do this again.
And, action!
Great burger, Greg.
Yeah, that was it!
Do you mind if I -- I brought along a few hats and that might help me.
Bobby on the beat.
Greg's his partner maybe this time.
Greg’s his partner,
they ride around in the squad car together.
And that's where we end it?
Had sex last night.
Let's try it.
Ready, action.
Eyes up, eyes up, eyes up.
[in Irish accent]
Oh, that's quite a burger here, Greg.
Nyee ha ha…
Not to you some, Greg.
That’s one fine burger
Hey, Greg! This is a great burger!
Ha ha…
Glad you're my lover.
OK, clearly I'm in a vehicle.
Yes, so car commercials are huge.
They’re money makers for actors.
Teach me how to get a car commercial.
So, I'm going to narrate from behind camera,the scenarios and then you’re going to act them.
And, action!
And you’re driving along, driving along, all of a sudden storm clouds show up.
And it's raining, like Katrina rain.
You are driving along, driving along and all of a sudden this newspaper flies in your windshield.
And then, cut there!
You look nervous when all these storms are happening.
So you said Katrina?
So you said Katrina is coming.
That’s right!
And you don't want me to look nervous?
So, what kind of car are you driving?
A car that no hurricane, even the strongest hurricane recorded in the last 50 years, can disturb this car.
That's right.
That’s how amazing this car is.
Because the real, what we're really selling is not a car.
We’re selling safety and security.
I see.
Okay, so no matter what happens…
Right now I'm driving the ford delusion.
Driving, driving…
And now the storm shows up.
What do I care?
Now we're driving along, driving along, and now it's like rain but it’s Katrina rain.
Driving along.
Now a bike messenger hits your car.
You're in the delusion.
Now, wait a minute! Wait a minute.
You're saying I hit a guy on a bike, but because I'm in such a nice luxury car, I don't give a shit?
That's crazy!
This car is making me immoral!
A man on a bike struck my moving car during hurricane Katrina and you want me to be like…
Ha ha ha, feel that leather.
Do not worry about another human being.
The clients do not want us to worry about a human being.
Human beings must be erradicated.
So we're driving along, driving along, and all of a sudden this bike messenger hits your car.
See it to your captain.
Hi, I'm Allison.
Hey, Allison! How are you?
Are you ready to do this?
Why don't we start with the jewelry one. Is that okay?
Okay, great!Yes, that’s fine! So let’s get the couch.
You look great at the camera.
Tell me your name, Miss.
Hi! I'm Lindsay Bransom.
And you are, sir?
I think we know.
Conan O'Brien.
Just try to make it as real as you can.
It's just kind of a heartfelt moment.
And, action.
I got something for you.
It's in this box.
Let’s make this an incredible year.
This was expensive.
It’s beautiful! I love it!
It cost a lot of money.
I sense that. It's beautiful.
Yeah, yeah we should –
Thank you so much.
We should have sex.
Okay, what’s that?
Is it okay if I’m going to say sex?
You know what might be good? Maybe think those thoughts in your head –
I am.
But don’t…maybe don't verbalize that.
Just, you know, it’s called like verbalizing some texts.
That's what the police said.
Right, right. Okay!
I got something for you.
You did?
Let's make this an incredible year.
Oh, my God, it's beautiful!
Thank you!
I really love it.
Well, I hope so.
It's the one you told me you wanted.
Pointed it out.
Very passive-aggressive.
Could you use any of that?
You know, I thought the beginning was really good.
I want to do it one more time.
‘Coz honestly the yeah, I think you were feeling it but honestly it went a little creepy.
Little bit.
This is not the first time I've heard this.
And, action.
I got something for you.
Let's make this an incredible year.
Wow! It's really beautiful!
How was that?
Yeah, yeah. I think that was great!
Just that very unlooking and it’s just a little weird.
The end you looked into the camera and gave a smile that came off as –
It's says amazing jewelry.
Right, I totally appreciate the choice that you are making.
I’m just saying.
I can tell by a fact that your putting down my choice.
That you didn’t appreciate it.
I just, you know, I’m hoping that you get this story commercial.
MASTERSON’S jewelers, the jewelry store for creeps.


コナンによるTVコマーシャルオーディション ( Conan Auditions For TV Commercials )

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