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  • Well, I sort of stumbled into the role of being the voice of the M O indie rock movement, but that was just to pay the bills.

  • Really.

  • I wanted to break in tow late night television production.

  • I guess you could say I'm the Happy Gilmore of E.

  • Mo.

  • Hi, my name is Connor Oberst, and I'm a production assistant.

  • That coat, what I love about TV production is no one gives me special treatment here.

  • Just cause I was a famous musician.

  • You have to earn it.

  • Hey, Amy, how's it going?

  • Can it?

  • Music freak.

  • It's just so cool to see our TV show works.

  • Transition's been a little rocky.

  • My brain is just so good at command with sad songs about how we're just pawns in this fucked up game that sometimes the lyrics just slip out cold metal stand just a sleeve to the man.

  • No one speaks for you.

  • No one understand on her hands.

  • But everyone in Conan is super understanding, and we're really trying to help me.

  • Coffee won't save you, but it helps just work until you hate yourself.

  • Every day is a fresh new hell 95 back to the world started new awards time that you're bored George Bush and them boys to die in a war arrested out of place.

  • It's just a word.

  • George Bush is not even the fucking president anymore.

  • Connor, I'm sorry.

  • I don't like it when my brain does that mean more than right?

  • You do.

  • Okay, so there's this other p A.

  • She started right around the same time I did.

  • Her name's Feeney.

  • She is really great.

  • Coffee time is my favorite.

  • Coffee time is my favorite way.

  • All really, really lover sometimes even get a interactive wrangling.

  • He's so cool.

  • And he's such a great guy.

  • The 50 jokes proliferate to watch the bottom line keeps staring at the glowing screen and watch it all go by before they can exploit you advertising out anyone Tomin tells his jobs wants rather than speak funny crops, his redheads shakes.

  • Hey, it's Connor from Bright as I played your show.

  • Yeah, you're great.

  • I remember you.

  • Yeah, we're just starting college.

  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • No.

  • Okay.

  • Talks to may.

  • You don't talk to me and you don't play your fucking p a Okay, We need some new jokes.

  • Everyone here is really constructive.

  • No, I don't miss my old music career.

  • With all the adoring fans and glowing reviews.

  • Don't you go back to third eye blind.

  • I love being a P A.

  • Yeah, I'll probably do this for a while, but it's kind of a bullshit job.

  • E hope I never have to leave.

  • Come in Europe.

  • Fucking Hey, It's really, really fun.

  • Fun is the your bid of the massive looking through these rose colored glasses?

  • Not now.

  • Okay, I'm sorry.

Well, I sort of stumbled into the role of being the voice of the M O indie rock movement, but that was just to pay the bills.


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"コナンスタッフの紹介"コナー・オバスト - 制作アシスタント ("Meet The CONAN Staff": Conor Oberst - Production Assistant)

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