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the Children are needs weren't met when you were a charge.
You had specific need.
You need to feel safe.
I need to feel laughed.
You needed to feel significant.
You needed to feel that you mattered.
And if you didn't get that you go through life thinking Well, I'm not safe and I don't matter.
And I got to find someone to meet.
Money's got to find a great guy, great girl to say, Oh, you're so great or great boss to praise me to become a loving parent and you can find them.
But they might not do that for ever.
Maybe a few months, maybe a year.
But when you do it, it's forever.
I want you to do one more thing.
Think about the unmet needs the little kid you once were.
I think about the words you wanted to hear.
We all want to hear the same words.
I'm proud of you.
I love you.
How lucky I am to parent you.
You're great.
You're smart, You're interesting.
You're great to be around whatever you most needed to hear.
I promise you, if you say it now, your mind doesn't know where it comes from.
it lets it in.
If you put chap stick on your lips, your mind is Go.
Hang on.
What is that?
Is that fair trade, or is that cheap stuff from CVS Pharmacy just lets it in.
It nourishes chapped lips and words nourish a chance.
So so Whatever you most wanted to hear.
I want you to say it now.
I'm proud of you.
I love you.
You're a great kid.
You got something to offer the world.
You're talented, you matter, you're significant.
And now let's say in the first person I matter.
I'm talented.
I'm significant.
I'm lovable.
I'm enough.
I have something to offer the world on.
I can monetize it because I have talent.
I have belief.
I have ambition.
I have, dr on I'm unstoppable.
And as you go deeper into an absolute, you're relaxed State as you go deeper, drift deeper and sink deeper.
You're aware of a phenomenal, powerful, extraordinary transformation taking place in you.
Because here is your truth.
When you were a little kid, you felt the way you felt.
You saw what you saw.
You experienced what you experienced.
You felt what you felt.
You had no choice But now you have a choice because you are not a little kid.
You are a beautiful, talented, extraordinary, gifted and a don't.
And as the talented, beautiful, gifted adult you are will never again ever for the rest of your long abundant life be relevant or necessary or interesting or even appropriate for you to think the way you thought when you were a child.
It will never again be relevant or even interesting for you to believe what you believe then or to think what you thought then or to see what you saw.
Then you put all that behind you.
It's like the water of the shower you took this morning.
You can't run back to your room and get that water because it's it's It's like vapor.
It is behind you and all the beliefs you had as a child are behind you.
They are shrinking.
They are fading.
They are disappearing.
They are going.
They are gone.
They are a raised eradicated, eliminated Lee are shattered, smashed and out of your life.
They will always be for the rest of your long, abundant life, something you once believed long, long ago.
And they cannot.
And will not interest you or affect you ever again.
As you move on from one phenomenal, extraordinary, incredible achievement and accomplishment you can move on from one accomplishment to another.
That is the truth about you.
So stay in that truth for just a second.
Remember that little kid is not you can never be you is nothing but a memory.
Something that you used to feel that cannot will not, does not affect you ever again.
And knowing that feeling that believing that you can slowly, calmly, easily just get ready to come back into the room knowing that you can never go back.
You went back and had a look.
You went back and investigated like a good detective.
What went on then?
You interrupted it.
And then you reek.
Hoed it into yourself.
Better software.
You installed the truth.
The truth is not what you felt when you were five or four.
Or three or 10.
The truth is you here today knowing that you are abundant, gifted, talented, significant.
You can have everything.
You can have anything.
You can have it all all at the same time.
Because the past is not you.
You is.
You here today.
Gifted, talented, extraordinary, significant said, knowing it, feeling it, believing it to stay.
Open up your eyes.
Just take a deep breath.
Come back in the room, just give yourself a massive round of applause.


How Self Hypnosis Is The KEY to Success | Marisa Peer

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