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Good morning! You know, health clubs sell memberships and they tie you into a long-term
contract. I think a huge part of that is they know the human psyche so well. We start something,
it lasts for a week or two, and then we kind of fall off the band wagon. And, so, they
have gyms, beautiful gyms that are not overcrowded even though they continue to sell memberships
daily, because the majority of people who have memberships in that club might go a couple
times a year. New Years resolutions, the same thing, we make new years resolutions, we fall
off after a week or two, and then it gets to the point where we no longer even bother
making them. And yesterday I was thinking about focus. I was at a networking event where
a friend of mine was talking about systems and about routines or ways of being, habits,
that certain people have. He said, 'the people who are very successful in life generally
have some kind of system, or some form of habits that they do on a daily, very regular
basis that makes them successful in that area.' Another thing that he mentioned was that,
'although they're very successful in some areas, they can be totally unsuccessful in
others,' and if we could translate those areas in our life where we do see success and set
up routines or systems, in other areas where we need help, that generally we could create
the same type of thing. It really got me to thinking because I know that in a lot of cases
with my home business, because you are not employed by someone, it is so easy to be sidetracked.
That is probably one of the biggest downfalls, I think in any home business because, women
especially, because we work out of our home, we cook, we do the cleaning, in most cases,
and if we walk past something that needs to be done, it's very hard to not be distracted.
In a lot of cases, I hope that this doesn't sound sexist, but men, if they see laundry,
they don't necessarily think 'oh my god, I’ve got to go do that' and run down and throw
it in and distract themselves, even if they have a home office. At least that has been
my experience and that has been what men have shared with me in the past. They don't have
the same draw that women do. So how do you create the focus? How do you create something
for yourself that allows you to stay so focused, laser-like, that you achieve the goals that
you want? They do say that it's 2% or 3% of the people who really rise to the top in an
industry. You listen to Tony Robins or different people like that and they talk about modeling
successful people. So it's exactly what my friend was saying at the networking event
the other day, success leaves clues! If you follow the patterns or the routines daily,
and it becomes a habit, to where it's, you don't even think about doing it, you don't
get sidetracked, you don't get pulled off base, and you tend to achieve things more
efficiently. The interesting thing is that, people who are very successful, sometimes
you go 'oh my gosh they're an overnight success,' but what you don't see is the years of work
leading up to it, where maybe they didn't have the name or the notoriety at that point,
right? So, my thought on, on success and achieving in a home business has more to do with what
we do on a daily basis. And I'll leave you with one thought, Tammy Crayk who is a national
sales director in Mary Kay says, 'your success lies hidden in your daily routine.' That says
it all. Is what you're doing today, going to contribute to success? So, remember Your
Success Lies Hidden in Your Daily Routine. Have a great day.


Your Success Lies Hidden in Your Daily Routine

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