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  • Democrats are getting their ass is kick.

  • We need some way to road test a more rural, friendly message.

  • If you can't leave your principles in the bad times, I guess their principles and just hobbies.

  • Nice John Wayne and a tractor have a baby and all you can say It's nice.

  • Oh, my God.

  • So curl.

  • Jack Hastings is our key back into the great now swing state.

  • His concepts, He just doesn't know it yet.

  • Can I be completely honest with, you know, bowl?

  • Be nice.

  • One daughter's here.

  • That was your daughter with her arm up the town.

  • Guys like me don't know how to talk guys like you bought over minutes.

  • Yeah, maybe he doesn't need a bottle.

  • Maybe use you like your vest, but I would like to offer my service Is the cow plays to help run for mayor?

  • Dear walking.

  • And if you could get some of that face front, I'm telling you guys, that could be the real deal.

  • This little campaign of ours has caught the attention of the National Republican Party.

  • Why are you here?

  • Because crushing the last piece of hope in your eyes really does feel good to see you.

  • You look fat.

  • Make a big deal of this.

  • It's on your board game on tons of press, Lots of money.

  • This seems crazy.

  • Don't put all the black ones in the centre.

  • He's lying.

  • Is a moderate 18.

  • You have a beer.

  • 20 bucks says I do better with beer than you do with Democrat Party.

  • Can't win.

  • They're getting desperate.

  • Thing is really just another perfect example of the D.

  • C elite trying to dictate how we should play.

  • That's we your DC elite.

  • Oh, no, actually, I'm from here from here.

  • Like it?

  • That's a lie.

  • That's a lie.

  • I know that.

  • What are you doing?

Democrats are getting their ass is kick.


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