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way are going to be re imagining our future.
Take out your pencil or pen pad of paper.
Welcome to Ted that idea.
East generation.
We don't just pass along our DNA.
We pass along our ideas.
The innovations we uncover today become the building blocks the innovations for future generations.
Imagine that no matter where you are, you will have access to clean and affordable power.
Heating, drinking water and even fuel machines and analytics don't replace humans.
They empower them.
We're constantly bombarded with stories about how much data there is in the world.
But when it comes to big data and the challenges of interpreting it, size isn't everything.
Cognitive computing and the availability of big data opened the doors for new possibilities.
In scientific creativity, we have to create a culture of sherry.
Using networks to make critical decisions is the only way that we can gain traction.
How might we gain context so that we're better able to set the right tool?
The combination off physiological and interaction data might provide an answer demonstrating openness and transparency bills trust, and it allows our users to engage more openly and more freely with us and share more data on more data means more value for them, and for us, there's no greater opportunity or call for action for us now than to become opportunity makers who use best talents together more often for the greater good.


A taste of [email protected] 2014

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 22 日 に公開
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